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 Ludwig Will Kresnik

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Ludwig Will Kresnik UTL8oxA PROFILERecruit
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Ludwig Will Kresnik UTL8oxA MAGICIAN

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BerichtOnderwerp: Ludwig Will Kresnik   Ludwig Will Kresnik Icon_minitimewo nov 20 2013, 16:45

NICKNAMES Lud, Ludy, Will, Wigje
SEX male
AGE 17 years, and 4 months
DATE OF BIRTH 02/07/96
LANGUAGE Arabic but is fluent in English and German

HEIGHT 1.76m
WEIGHT 63.5kg
HAIR COLOR silvery hair with black ends on the rightside
EYE COLOR green with yellow rings circling the pupil
HAIR STYLE as if has just been through a storm
POSTURE slimm but has some defined muscles too, he has a naturally approachable attitude
CLOTHING STYLE casual which often leans to a more sophisticated style of clothing, likes shirts, blouses and pants with suspenders
SPECIAL his left eyebrow is silver/grey while his right eyebrow his black/dark grey

MAGIC light with small specks of dark
MAGIC USAGE he can't perform well without transforming bits and pieces of him or transforming completely into his corpse shell form, so he usually messes about, gets low grades and beaten up when fighting transforms into xx
ITEM an old pocket watch, he needs it for his corpse shell arte
TRANSFORMS INTO silvery flemish giant with solid black ears
PET a generally white cat with a grey face, grey ears, tail and some of its paws, his name is Lulu and his most known trait is following Ludwig wherever he goes. often finding him in classes or in his backpack click

CHARACTER very approachable guy, he looks warm and cuddly and for the most part he is. he is very caring and often thinks of others before thinking about himself. he is a very reliable person and will jump through hoops for you if he knows you well enough. he has a sort of weakness for the elderly and has great respect for them, always hoping that he will reach that age and be someone to look up to as well. Lud's actions can be rash and stupid sometimes, even though he's been through a lot and should obviously know better. he's known as dependable but rather impulsive in his actions, not always thinking them through and therefore getting himself into trouble. he has a lot of good sides but some bad sides as well. he isn't very talkative for one and often spaces out when someone's talking to him giving him a somewhat bored and uninterested image. aside from that he doesn't like talking about his history or his 'lack' of magic with others. he can use it ofcourse, powerfull light magic with specks of darkness mixed in between. but he doesn't because it requires him using his corpse shell turning him into something he's not. which in fact isn't true because he has perfect control when using his one and only arte. he's just afraid that people will avoid him based on his appearance and sometimes obliterating power thus opting for not using his 'real' magic at all.
HOBBY'S going for a walk, studying, playing games on xbox or computer, playing with his cat and going somewhere with him, analyzing trees and flowers and birds, getting things right, cooking, baking, camping
LOVES his cat Lulu, other people smiling at him, baking and cooking for other people and afterwards hearing their comments on it, being with friends, fighting, magic, books, birds, parties, the elderly, taking tests
HATES flirts, certain social orders, being avoided, being talked about behind his back, his true nature, reptiles, being on his own, being pressured by others to do things he doesn't want to do, girls hopelessly chasing after men
FEARS to die, to lose someone dear to him, to lose control when using his arte, being alone when he dies, being avoided, being looked at with fear, other people actually knowing and accepting,about his true form

PERS.NO. 347682561

this card can be used on the following planets in Kovomaka: Razen, Nova, Gren, Puffoon, Shadra, Cassia, Erd
state of Kovomaka
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Ludwig Will Kresnik UTL8oxA PROFILERecruit
Real Name : i
Posts : 370
Points : 5
Ludwig Will Kresnik UTL8oxA MAGICIAN

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Ludwig Will Kresnik   Ludwig Will Kresnik Icon_minitimedi nov 25 2014, 21:50

De veel te uitgebreide V2.0 van Ludwig. TLDR mensen. englishsucks koekje voor diegene die het helemaal leest

Ludwig ~


17 years old ~


Nova/Shadra ~


Lud/Luddie ~
Full name: Ludwig Will Kresnik
Nicknames: Luddie/Lud/Ludje/Will/Wigje
Gender: Male
Righty/lefty: Left handed
Age: 17 years old
Height: 176cm
Weight: 63.5kg
Eye color: Mainly multiple shades of green with yellow rings, circling the pupil
Hair color: Silvery hair with black ends on his rightside
Distinguishing marks: His left eyebrow is silver/grey while his right eyebrow black/dark grey.
He has some old white scars on his back/shoulders.
Physical traits in one passage: Ludwig is slimm, he has fair white milky skin with lean defined muscles hiding underneath it. Ludwig generally has a naturally positive and approachable vibe about him.

Parents: Vincent Kresnik – father/Julia Alice Matá – mother.
Siblings: Julius Svint Kresnik – Older half-brother, he shares Ludwig’s chromatus genetic mutation.
Marital Satus: Not married
Significant Other/s: Not as of now.
Children: None.
Other Relatives: Bisley Zek Rugievit – Cousin
Pets: Lulu – His white/grey fat cat, that follows him everywhere.
Friends: Leia Rolando – childhood friends until the accident, current status unknown.
Enemies: Julius Svint Kresnik - ?? He doesn’t know what to think of his older brother anymore.
Relationships: (other) Victor ?? – The guy who supposedly knows more than anyone about his chromatus state. They say he knows how to get rid of it too. He’s currently nowhere to be found.
Rideaux J. Mathis – A doctor who saved him from almost certain death, after some events. He healed Ludwig but didn’t do so for free. He said: ‘You can’t really put up a price for a life now can we?’ and charged the already broke Ludwig with a fee of 20.000.000, including veterinary fee for his cat. Ludwig had to take out a loan, and has been struggling ever since to pay it off.
Ethnicity: Novan.
Religion: He currently doesn’t believe in anything.
Beliefs: None worth mentioning.
Superstitions: He beliefs black cats are indeed bad luck, and avoids walking underneath ladders. He doesn’t think much of Friday the 13th but still tends to stay at home for the day.
Accent: He has a slight accent even though he’s a pure novan. He used to go to Shadra to meet up with this Bisley kid, a lot so, that’s probably where and whom he got it from.SCHOOL/WORK/HOME
Education: Starshine Academy - Kovomaka
Vocation/Occupation: Currently doesn’t have a job, but recently applicated for a job as a waiter.
Employment History: Has worked at some local stores before and used to do ‘dirty’ jobs, killing certain monsters and such for money.
Salary: Not regularly.
Money: -13.483.768,-
Own or Rent: He’s currently living in the dorms of his school, which he rents. His cousin pays the rent but.. whatever.
LivingSpace: He keeps everything pretty clean, not spotless but still very clean. His room is bright, and pretty spacious. He doesn’t have much furniture besides his bed, a table, computer and closet.
WorkSpace: His desk is neatly organized, simple and bright. For the greater part it consists of his laptop, books, drawing paper, other paper, and a light that can change color.
Main Mode of Transportation: He prefers walking, but can ride horses as well. Isn’t very fond of the shuttles.

Fears: To die, to lose someone dear or close to him, losing control when using magic, being alone when he dies, being avoided by other people, telling other people the truth about him and his family, being looked at with fear, having children.
Secrets: Ludwig has one big secret: The fact that he has a genetic mutation known as Chromatus. This is the reason he doesn’t use any magic excessively and tries to keep his emotions as stable as possible.
IQ: 114
Eating Habits: Ludwig usually skips breakfast, and likes eating cereal at noon. He usually cooks himself for dinner, and tries to eat as diverse as possible.
Food Preferences: He isn’t a very picky eater. But has a certain liking for anything that has something to do with tomatoes.
Sleeping Habits: Ludwig has been haunted by nightmares for as long as he can remember, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t scary anymore. He has problems falling into sleep, and staying asleep. Waking up regardless of the time, usually isn’t a problem.
Book Preferences: He likes reading anything fluffy, likes reading books about food or cooking. Doesn’t have a lot of romans, and doesn’t spend a lot of time reading in general. He’s very knowledgeable  about several diseases though, as he has spent a lot of time searching for his particular ‘sickness’.
Music Preferences: He likes music that makes him happy, often up-beat songs. He tends to listen to a lot of instrumentals as well as some rock. Most of the time he doesn’t care what he’s listening to, as he uses music as a means to get away from the world for a while.
Groups or Alone: Ludwig is a bit of a loner, always has been. He would love to be accepted but can’t seem to trust others enough to tell them about his magical monster-like transformations.
Leader or Follower: He’s neither. He doesn’t follow, nor does he lead. He kind of does his own thing, and won’t persuade others to follow him. Everyone should choose their own path and ideas, according to Ludwig.
Planned out or Spontaneous: He’s fairly spontaneous depending on what kind of mood he’s in.
Journal Entries: Ludwig has stopped writing in his journal for about four years now. He often reads his previous entries though and reminiscences about them.
Hobbies, Recreation: Going for long walks/studying/ playing games on xbox or computer/playing with his cat and going places with him/analysing trees, flowers and birds/cooking/baking/writing/playing basketball or baseball/healing/helping others.
How does Ludwig relax: If he’s stressed he usually comes back to earth by taking a long bath in the middle of the night. He likes the sound of the water and the warmth that slowly seeps into his bones. He tends to see the world more positively when he does this.
What excites Ludwig: Certain floral or food smells/fresh snow/the ocean/the beach/using magic (not necessarily in a good way)
Pet peeves: He sometimes makes a sucking noise with a straw even though the cup is almost empty. Sometimes blows bubbles using straws. He tends to whistle a certain tune when he’s either sad or overly happy. Ludwig tends to mumble to himself sometimes. He also tends to borrow stuff but never ever give it back, because he just forgets.
Prejudices: A little bit of classism, Ludwig thinks rich people are more snobbish/stuck up than poor people. Ludwig also thinks of other people as being not understanding of his situation, and worries about what they will think of him even though he’s never told anyone.
Attitudes: Everybody is equal/you don’t need money to lead a happy life/sometimes being alone is less alone then to be with others/an animal cán be a best friend/elders should be treated with respect
Stressors: When a teacher or lesson requires big amounts of magic usage. When people find out about his ‘higher’ form. When people confront him for it. When someone saw him transforming or when people ask about the sudden golden lines on his face.
Obsessions: socks Keeping his living space clean?
Addictions: None, except his addiction to Lulu and tomatoes and randomly helping others.
Ambitions: He wants to become a protector of well something/the world?
As seen by others: ?? Unknown to him. Although he thinks that others see him as a weirdo, with weird qualities.
As seen by self: Not a monster nor ‘just’ a normal human.

Birth date: 2nd of July
Time of Birth: He was born in the evening.
Western Astrological Sign: Cancer
Traits associated with Western sign: Subjective/swift/gentle/imaginative/careful/dedicated/perseverant/kind/caring
Chinese zodiac Sign: Rat
Traits associated with Chinese Zodiac: Smart, will work for success. Sanguine and very adaptable. Thoughtful, sensible, curious.
Handwriting: Neat but pretty normal.
Sexual History: Hasn’t had much experience with girls or boys for that matter. He held hands, kissed and stroked but that’s about it. As far as he knows… lol
General Health: Good, he’s often a little bit sleep deprived but other than that he’s pretty healthy.
Medical History: Was treated for his accident a couple of years ago by Rideaux. This treatment isn’t in the books though as Rideaux did a little experimenting as he was helping Ludwig.
Allergies: He’s allergic to oranges.
Chronic Illnesses: You could say his Chromatus is a chronic illness.
Chromatus: A genetic mutation of the DNA. Upon releasing too much mana Ludwig will transmorph into his Chromatus form (corpse shell). He doesn’t seem quite himself when he’s in this form. He doesn’t really know this for sure though, as he can’t recall most things that happened during the time he’s in Chromatus form. There isn’t much known about Chromatus and it’s up and downsides, only that it’s more of a curse than a gift. There seems to be a person called Victor who supposedly knows everything about this disease, some kind of doctor. But he has disappeared a couple of years ago and hasn’t been seen since. Ludwig is desperately searching for this Victor person, but is slowly starting to believe that someone just made this guy up, as to give him hope to live on..
It isn’t exactly clear what triggers Ludwig’s transmorphing. Mana usage, and deeply felt emotions tend to greaten the chances of him morphing. There has only been one time that Ludwig transmorphed when he had intended to do so. Him morphing and demorphing is not something he can control, not yet. Sometimes he can feel ‘it’, and sometimes he doesn’t feel a thing.
There are some negative effects of over-usage: This can result into extreme fatigue and fainting. Julius Kresnik suggested it could even result in death.

During treatment, Rideaux asked Ludwig if he could experiment on him, but Ludwig declined, denying that anything was wrong with him, even though Rideaux had seen Ludwig’s Chromatus form for himself.
This is Ludwig in his final-Chromatus form. CLICK Even though he is fully capable of transmorphing to his final form in one go, Ludwig tries to avoid this at all times. Ludwig hates this part of him with every fiber of his body, thus he tries to inhibit his transmorphing. This can result in partial morphing. Usually the yellow/gold creases on his face are the first signs, his arms come second followed by parts of his face going black. During battle he can reach into space and pull ‘the lance of Kresnik’ out of it. This is Ludwig’s main battle weapon, and Ludwig seems to be naturally very good with it. He’s fast, unpredictable and has great reach which makes him a formidable foe. One very different from the ‘normal’ Ludwig Kresnik, and yet the very same.
Handicaps: Chromatus.

Wallet: Some non-existent money, ID card, Painkillers, Picture of Lulu
Fridge: Milk, Tomatoes, cheese, beer, cola, chocolate milk, eggs,  chicken, cat food
Medicine Cabinet: Some random painkillers, Band-Aids, tape, scissors, disinfection stuff.
Junk Drawer: Paper, pencils, candy wrappers, dust, books, gifts from his parents, condoms, tissues, rubix cube, chargers.
Closets: Clothes, shoes, a grand collection of underwear, accessories, hats, caps,
Backpack: Pencils, markers, notebook, books, chewing gum, cell phone, earbuds, candy-wrappers, bottle of water, wallet,
Clothes Pockets: Candy-wrappers, pencil, keys, chewing gum wrappers, cell phone etc.

Halloween Costumes: Vampire, Dracula, Ghost, himself?
Tricks: He can do some simple card tricks, but nothing too special :$
Talents: He can cook extremely well, and is great at drawing/doodling.
Politics: Ludwig isn’t interested in politics, and doesn’t care about the legendary magicians whatsoever.
Flaws: He’s stubborn, can become very frustrated because of a simple thing, doesn’t always think about the consequences of his actions.
Strengths: He is pretty smart, kind, helpful, honest about almost anything, open-minded
Drugs/Alcohol: He has tried beer a couple of times, only on special occasions.
Passwords: L.WKresnik/ or LU_LUKres or Fatlulu01
Email Addres, Home Page, Blogs, etc: L.W.Kresnik@hotmail.com , his homepage is google and he doesn’t blog or something like that.
Prized Possessions: His pocket watch, which is a golden duplicate of the one his half-brother Julius owns.
Special Places: Home on Nova, the place he first morphed, and the place of the accident
Special Memories:The day he stabbed his brother, the day he almost got killed by his brother, getting Lulu as a gift from Julius, first awkward kiss, the first time he transmorphed, his first day at StarAcademy.

1-5 years old
Ludwig was born on Nova. His family consisted of his father Vincent, his mother Julia and his older half-brother Julius (different mother). His family wasn’t very wealthy. And even though Vincent had a good job, money seemed to be an issue every month. They never had to beg for food or water and they had a (leaky) roof above their heads but that was about it. Ludwig’s mother Julia made sure that both Ludwig and Julius didn’t know about the family’s monetary state, and were both spoiled with affection. The years went by quickly, and even though the present Ludwig doesn’t remember, this was definitely the phase in which he was happiest. Ludwig was a fast learner, and could walk and talk remarkably young. Making friends was difficult as he just didn’t know what to do, I guess even then Ludwig was kind of an outsider. But no worries because he had his brother Julius by his side -who took great care of him- and his mother and father who hid every little detail about their monetary problems and loved him, what more could a kid ask for? Indeed, back then Ludwig was still an innocent boy who loved running through puddles even though Julia had told him multiple times not to.

5-12 years old
Ludwig turned out to be a pretty quiet and ‘easy-going’ kid. Sure, he got himself in trouble a couple of times, but Julius was always there to save the day. Ludwig and Julius were inseparable, or rather, Ludwig followed Julius everywhere, so it seemed that way. Julius had always been there for Ludwig, and Ludwig loved his brother to death.  But when Ludwig turned ten years old, things started to change. Their relationship seemed more distant then before because Julius had started avoiding Ludwig for some unknown reason. Ludwig didn’t understand what was going on, why did his loved brother didn’t want to see him anymore? Why didn’t he come pick him up after school? One evening Ludwig decided to confront Julius about his behaviour, but Julius just shrugged it off, telling him nothing was wrong. Ludwig accused him of lying and stomped out of the room in tears. Why wasn’t his brother telling him the truth? What could possibly be so secret that he couldn’t even share it with his brother?

After Ludwig’s confrontation with Julius the two became even more distant, to the point of not even talking to each other anymore. Ludwig told himself and others it was all fine, but deep in his heart he missed his dear brother more than anything. It was the first time he met the feeling ‘loneliness’, suddenly realizing that his brother was the only person he could call a friend. One evening, during dinner, the three of them –Julia, Julius and himself- sat around the table. Ludwig was playing with his food, which his mother Julia disapproved of. When Ludwig wouldn’t listen, Julius grabbed Ludwig’s wrist telling him to ‘grow up.’ Grow up? What did that even mean? He was ten years old, almost eleven, what did he expect? Ludwig tried to pull his wrist free from Julius’ grip but Julius’ firm hand wouldn’t budge. Ludwig pulled harder,  telling Julius that he was just like dad. Asking him if he would abandon them too? That seemed to do the trick as Julius suddenly released his grip. The truth was, that dad hadn’t been home for around a month and even though Julia said he would come back, Ludwig disagreed. Ludwig left a suddenly silent Julius and teary Julia at the table and ran up to his room, crying himself to sleep. A couple of days later, Julius showed up at his door knocking while chanting his name. Ludwig slowly opened the door, where he was greeted by a smiling Julius and a white –squirming- kitten in his grasp. It was a gift, to solve his loneliness. At the time Ludwig didn’t think too much of it, but he accepted this token of friendship anyway. Ludwig named the kitten Lulu, and it’s the very same fat cat he drags with him today. Sometime after that he met a girl, a friend: Leia Rolando, a hyperactive cool girl with whom he played sometimes. She was the first and only friend he’s had and he was very fond of her, especially since his brother seemed even more secretive than before. As usual Ludwig was still in the dark about everything, and was slowly starting to get sick of it.

After Ludwig turned twelve, Julius started to frequently leave the house and go somewhere.. The perfect opportunity to finally find out what his brother was up to. Ludwig mustered the courage to follow him and was pretty shocked about what he found out. His brother was something he had never seen before, he could transform into some kind of beast/monster. He saw him transforming with his own green eyes, yet he didn’t believe them the first time. Ludwig started following Julius every evening watching him train with some kind of lance/spear thing. The thought never even occurred to Ludwig that he had something in common with well whatever that was. Ludwig started observing his brother’s moves learning some of them for himself. He started figuring out the key to this transformation and concluded it had something to do with those pocket watches he had. And thus curious as Ludwig is, he snuck into Julius’ room one day and well ‘borrowed’ his golden pocket watch. He touched the clock face and well you can guess what happened next.

As you may guess the first time that Ludwig morphed didn’t go unnoticed by Julius, as he was missing one of his pocket watches. Turns out one of them was actually supposed to be Ludwig’s, but Julius didn’t want him to have it. He warned Ludwig it was more of a curse than a gift but Ludwig was stubborn and wanted his dad’s legacy for himself, not knowing the consequences. Julius scolded his brother for being a fool and told him to mind his own business. To be honest, the immense power scared Ludwig and he wasn’t planning on doing it again. He just wanted to have something of his father, even if it was a key to his magic and monster-form. His brother left the house soon after this, and through some events Ludwig had gotten into a lot of trouble. He tried protecting an innocent girl –which he had never seen before- from a gang of magic users. But ended up in an alley, closer to death than living. Rideaux, a strange but renowned doctor found him in his Chromatus form and treated him, which resulted in him turning normal and an incredible fee. The doctor charged him with 15.000.000,- and an additional fee of 5.000.000 for veterinary costs, as Lulu seemed to have followed him. Of course Ludwig couldn’t pay this immense fee, and was forced into taking a loan. The same loan he’s been paying off up until now. (For his current debt see the above.)

Ludwig learned that his brother had started working at a company that ensures the safety of Nova. What he didn’t know though was that there was an official warrant issued for finding the weird creature that had attacked multiple innocent people. Ludwig didn’t know, but Julius certainly did. Julius knew that he didn’t do this himself and thus deducted that there was only one other person that matched the sightings. Julius turned to his younger brother and confronted him about it. Ludwig told him honestly that he didn’t know anything about it. But Julius scolded him and turned his blade against him. Ludwig was shocked at his brother pointing his blade at him and froze. What was happening? Suddenly he was some wanted criminal? He didn’t understand any of it but Julius wasn’t just going to stand there waiting for the moment he did. Julius asked his brother if he would come quietly but he responded with the fact that he was innocent. Julius sighed and turned into one of his partial chromatus state. He pulled a blue lance out of space and charged at Ludwig. What happened after that is a blur, only the sad ending remains. Ludwig hovering over a bleeding but smiling Julius, his own lance of Kresnik piercing through his body. His glasses were gone and he was bleeding from his mouth. After realizing what he has done he tried his best healing his brother and disappeared thereafter. He left his hometown on Nova and moved to Shadra, where his cousin Bisley lived.

Ludwig became slightly depressed, but his cousin Bisley helped him through it. He was always someone he could count on. Bisley is one of the few people who knows all about the incident. Ludwig later heard that Julius was severely wounded but supposedly alive. He was in a bad but stable condition. Even though Ludwig was only protecting himself and he didn’t know what was going on, he was still relieved that his brother was still alive. Ludwig wanted to go back, but he didn’t dare to do so. He heard his mom married some guy and that she sold their house. Ludwig knew she was broken on the inside so he didn’t blame her for wanting to forget her current life. He wanted to see Julius and to ask him what was going on but Bisley stopped him from doing so. Bisley asked around to see if the warrant was still issued, but it appears they had caught the guy. There was just one time when he had short contact with Leia, but  it was short and abrupt. She was attacked by the guy the warrant was issued for. She didn’t look Ludwig in the eye while telling him this, and only said that the guy looked a lot like him, yet totally different. Ludwig knew he had lost a friend, even though he can’t remember anything. Ludwig concluded that it had to be him who had attacked all those innocent people and cursed his chromatus. It was then and there that he swore to never ever use it again.
Bisley decided that It was time for Ludwig to go to school, and even though he doesn’t want to, because he is afraid of himself, he agreed. He wanted to make friends, wanted to live a normal life. He is but 17 years old and his life seems already over. He still has his debt that he has to pay, and doesn’t know about the current situation between him and his brother, only that he misses him dearly. Ludwig can’t help but wonder if he’d be able to ever see him again on good terms. After all that has happened he can’t help but yearn for Julius’ warmth in a hug, and him telling him everything’s going to be all right. Truth is, it’s not alright and he can’t pretend it’s never happened, the only thing left is just to keep moving forward. To continue living and to pay for what he has done.

♥ ty
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Ludwig Will Kresnik

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