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Syo Kurusu V2.
Faceclaim: Shou Kurusu – Uta no Prince Sama.
Shou Kurusu V2 N6unus

Name: Shou Kurusu
Nickname: Syo, Syo-chan
Gender: Male
Age: 16 half
Nationality: Half Novaan, Half Raziaan.
Likes: Chickens,
Fears: His father, heights and swimming pools or other places where there is enough water to swim in…….
Height: 160 CM
Weight: 52 KG
Birthday: February 29th
Star Sign: Pisces
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue with purple in the middle.
Sexuality: boy x boy.
Favorite Subjects: Math, vocals.
Extra He has marks on his back. His blood type is O negative.

He has blond hair that is parted on the right, and he keeps the bangs out of his eyes with red bobby pins. His eyes are blue, has purple in the middle. His ears are also pierced. He wears black nail polish on his finger nails and toe nails.
He is probably the most uniquely dressed character, as he usually wears much different clothing than the normal uniform. He wears a hat most of the time to make himself look taller.

Syo has a lot of energy and has an up-beat personality. At times, he can be very hot-headed and a bit defensive, especially when it comes to him being teased by his height. He may be fast blushy and innocent looking. As a child, Syo was in the hospital often due to his heart condition and cursed the body he was given and was told that he would only live to about the age of 12. Even though Syo was told this, he stayed lively and even beat his odds by living longer than his life expectancy and is still living strong. Due to his heart condition, Syo had a great desire to make himself and his body stronger, so he eventually took up karate.

Caretaker:LM Eragon Zephyr.
Mother: Novaan.
Shou Kurusu V2 153oe9eDad: Mr. Krusu. Raziaan.
He ain’t a good dad since he always uses Shou as a slave instead treating him as a son. He loves to pain him and make him fear for him. He is his biological dad but he does not act or look the same way. After a while he made burn marks on Shou’s back, telling him it was his punishment for not listening.
Shou Kurusu V2 SyoxbroKurusu Kaoru, younger twin brother.
Kaoru cares a lot about Syo and looks after him due to Syo's heart condition. Kaoru is shown to be very protective of Syo due to his condition and cares about his brother's happiness over his own. It should also be noted that Kaoru is studying to become a doctor, it's possible he's trying to become a doctor in order to find a way to cure Syo's heart condition. He is also the person who caused Shou’s phobia of heights by chasing him to the top of a tower, nearly causing him to fall to his death had he not grabbed him.

The first years of his life was happily at Nova. The light planet. His parents were always on the move, so Shou never had a home for long. He lived at 2 planets because of his parents to diforce. “I don’t want to move anymore! Im sick of going from one place to another!” He remember his mom saying that. His dad got angry, lost his temper and took one of the twins with him to Razan.

He was born in a small place, he got swapped a lot with his brother. Nothing to do about it, they were a almost identical twin. They lived there, here, over there. Never had a home for long. The longest period they had a home was for 2 years. Making friends was the least thing he fought about.  Shou and Kaoru were always together and were never lonely. Their parents were fighting a lot, so much that the children never wanted to know them n the first place. They got home schooling at first. Shou got to many hospitals for his heart.

On a vacation:
His younger brother was him again to the chase, they were not very old when so most saw it as a simple play. Shou quickly ran into a tower, it was a hot day on Hurtle, and had their holiday with their parents. If you had not used again, it was very hot. Once in the tower ran Shou as soon as possible upwards with Kaoru on his heels. It seemed millions of stairs to his idea, when he was finally over, he was dead on. He looked at the door walked further up and a door on the side of the wall. He heard his brother closer "Nii-sama!" He cried too cheerful. Quick Shou tried the door upwards ran. It was locked. And rattled it one more time. Now he saw his brother, he was not thinking and tried the other door. He felt that it was the door and ran out the door chasing. To the horror it looked nothing like land and it was too late to stop. He hung just had to laugh about the situation. At the door of the tower and Kaoru "So smart are you also not heh? Brother? "Sounded very grinning. Shou held still with difficulty onto the door while those hit by the wind, against the tower. The ground was beneath him, but it seemed 100 meters until you actually could touch the ground. Shou slowly lost his grip on the door and looked terrified down. "K.Koaru! H.help m.me! "He yelled to zn brother. Koaru seemed to have a laughter because the only thing that came out of his hand was laughter. Shou became frightened when he increasingly zn lost grip and a fierce pang came into his chest. It took a lot of air Shou and everything hurt, the grip on the door was gone. With a speed he fell down.

His dad moved away after the argue with mother, he took one of the twins with him. He mistook Shou for his younger brother. He got scolded lots of times because of things he wasn’t able to do because of his heart. He got to hear from the docter he would not made it to the age of 12. He turned 13 and still lived. He started to take medicines for his heart which he got from the doctor. Took on karate lessons so far as he could go on. He was sure to make his body stronger. His younger brother found a way to him at Razen and stayed with him. At the age of 15 he got a different doctor, atleast that’s what he called himself. He gave Shou wrong medication and the wrong notes for it. Ever since he took his medication wrong aswell, and got down a bit.
On a night Shou was called but did not react. He got to regret it after his father came to pick him up. He got dragged toward the anvil and stuff, that way he also got to lean on it with his chest. His shirt got burned away by the father’s magic.

Until a few months ago everything was okay, one night he had a argument with his dad. And got a burn mark on his back. He still feels it a lot.

- Doesn’t like to be called little, short or anything that has to do something with his length.
- Has, almost, always his hat with him.
- He doesn’t always… take his medicine that frequent… ( What he really should be doing! XD )
- Because of his length, he is usually forced to crossdress
- Kaoru, his younger twin, is taller than him
- Syo is seen to be very acrobatic

Random Quotes of Shou.
- “Be the change that you wish to see  in the world.”
-“ I am not special. Im a limited edition! “
- “You are my favourite mistake~”
- “RESPECT Is for those who Deserve it. Not for those who demand it.
- “I am not small, I still didn’t got my grow!”
- “Music can change the world because it can change people.”


Full Medical card Shou: :

Plus: Medical card. More people and more history. Gifs.
Upcoming: History and people he get to know from RPG.

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Shou Kurusu V2

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