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 Sasha Nikolaevich (v2.0)

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General information:
Name: Sasha Alexander Nikolaevich Hell
Title: The Reaper
Age: 18
Date of birth: 25-09
Place of birth: North-east Shadra
Language: Russian (Noord-oost Shadraans)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 75 kg
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Green/Red/Purple

Sasha isn't very tall for his age, however what he lacks in height he makes up with other things. Sasha has a trained body, with a slightly muscular appearance. His skin is rather pale, however this is completely normal at his place of birth. Sasha's hair is snow white, and his eyes are a darker shade of green.

Sasha wears mostly black. His loose pants is black, his shoes are black and even his boxershort is black. On his upper body he usually wears a armless black hooded jacket with a large red cross on the chest. With this attire he almost always wears his black gloves.

When going outside (And sometimes also indoors) he can be seen wearing a long black cloak, the hood of this cloak is large enough to cover his entire head, and thus hiding his face effectively.

Sasha has a very large scar on the left side of his face, running from his eye to his chin, with two smaller horizontal cuts running through it (one near the chin and one right under the eye) and one large one running from cheek to cheek, across the nose. The scar lights up purple the more spells he uses (causing his left eye to turn purple too).

Sasha is fond of using throwing knives, but his signature weapon remains his enchanted Death Scythe. He can sometimes be seen using a shortsword or a knife.

Sasha is quite a skilled fighter, being able to wield Sword, spear, knife and his Death Scythe with much skill. Sasha has also been trained in hand to hand combat. He knows basic first aid, and has basic knowledge about poison. He is no stranger to the art of pickpocketing.

Sasha primairly uses Dark/Shadow magic, but knows some fire spells aswell.

Dire Wolf form:
Sasha can transform into a Dire Wolf. In this form Sasha increases in size and strenght. His fur is snow white and eyes are blood red, and he gains fangs and claws sharp enough to rend through iron. The downside of his Wolf form is that he is unable to speak or use any magic...and maybe the greatest disadvantage is that it takes time to transform back into human form. (Gif is just for the cool effect)

Sasha is stubborn,cold,proud and often silent. He prefers to be alone and usually doesn't get along with other people. Sasha often shows little emotion and if he does it is usually anger, hatred or disgust. However deep down there it is possible that Sasha actually wants to be accepted.

Sasha also has a problem with alchohol. When drunk he becomes more open and talkative, and in some cases he will even show a kind side.

Sasha likes crows, he has twelve of them.

Sasha fears nothing. Or at least..he thinks so. He actually fears being abandoned, betrayed and falling in love.

Sasha often underestimates his opponents, is quick to anger and to bait. He is weak on the defence, often throwing defensive techniques and spells out of the window in exchange for more offfensive power.
Sasha has slightly less magical energy flowing through him than most people, this causes Sasha to be exhausted quicker than his opponent when using magic.

Born on Shadra, in a very small and poor village. Sasha was sold by his parents to the Suasama at the young age of 4. Taken in by this secret brotherhood of assassins, he was put to the test together with the other recruits. After making it through the trials, he and the other recruits were taken to be trained in the art of killing, surviving and Dark magic. Sasha carried out his first mission when he was 12 years old, this mission was a success and as would the many missions after that be. Somewhere during his time with the Suasama, Sasha earned the title ''The Reaper'' and gained his signature weapon, his Death Scythe.

When Sasha was 16 he killed his own master and fled from the Suasame temple he was trained in. He roamed Shadra for almost two years, while being hunted by the Suasama. Sasha stole and killed to survive, just like he was taught..until he managed to make his way to the Starshine Academy. Hoping for a new start and to become stronger, so he will never have to run again.


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Sasha Nikolaevich (v2.0)

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