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 Geralt of Rivia

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Master Geralt

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BerichtOnderwerp: Geralt of Rivia   wo sep 14 2016, 21:20

Introducing: Geralt of Rivia

[Warning! This video is not for the faint hearted. Watch at your own risk.]

General facts
Full name: Geralt of Rivia
Nickname: Geralt
Titles and aliases
Master Geralt (only students have to call him that, of course)
Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde (a name he came up with by himself, but he wasn’t allowed to carry out by the witcher community)
White Wolf/Gwynbleidd (White Wolf in old Razen speech)
White One
Butcher of Blaviken (due to an unfortunate accident in that town)
Ravix of Fourhorn (an alias that was once given to him by a powerful, Razen noble woman called Calanthe (Ciri’s grandmother)
Witcher (although that is no longer his current profession, some people still recognize him as a witcher)
Position at SSA: Teacher of fire magic.
Age: One can only guess Geralt’s true age. His white hair might suggest that he’s a certain age, except it isn’t caused by old age (for more information, read “History”). Apart from the hair, he looks like he’s between 43 and 46 years of age.
Origin: Razen
Magic: Fire & Air
First language: Polish (Middle-Razian)
Other languages: mostly English & Dutch (the common languages), but he speaks other, less common tongues as well.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.
Animal form: A white wolf with golden eyes.
Partner:  He has none at the moment.
Visenna (last name & age: unknown) – mother (she died a long time ago)
Korin (last name & age: unknown) – presumed father (his whereabouts are unknown)
Cirilla “Ciri” Fiona Elen Riannon (age: 22) –  adopted daughter
Yennefer of Vengerberg (age: unknown) – ex-wife nr. 1 and adoptive mother of Ciri
Triss Merigold (age: 35) – ex-wife nr. 2
Vesemir of Kaer Morhen (age: unknown) – mentor and father figure.
Pets: Geralt owns a mare named Roach.
Geralt owns two swords: a silver one and a steel one. The silver one is to slay mythical creatures and the other one is for…well…non-mythical creatures (mostly humans, but only if necessary of course). He also owns a crossbow and several magical artifacts.

On the outside

Height: 1,96 m
Weight: 92 kg
Build: Geralt is a tall man with broad shoulders. His physique reveals that he is used to a lot of training/exercising, which in some cases intimidates people (by accident).
Hair color: Milk-white due to side effects of his mutations in the past (for more information, read “History”)
Hairstyle: Geralt has a half long haircut. He usually wears it loosely gathered, tied behind his head, but sometimes he wears it in a ponytail or a knot.
Eye color: Dark-gold. Furthermore, his eyes have a cat-like look to them, a known feature of witchers (for more information read “History”).
Other: Due to his former line of work, there are many scars and marks all across his face and entire body.
Faceclaim: “Geralt of Rivia” from the Witcher 3 games.

On the inside
Likes: Respect, honor, loyalty and bravery are some of the most important values to Geralt. He can be very rewarding to those who are able to show him this. He finds justice very important as well. Geralt also loves the feeling of a sharp sword in his hand or a woman’s warm touch. Apart from that, a fine wine or a good whiskey can also brighten his mood.
Dislikes: Geralt doesn’t like to be ordered around or provoked by students, or any other person for that matter. He has a great disliking of people and beings that are malevolent and/or wicked. He also dislikes injustice and prejudice.
Fear: He fears that harm may come to the people he loves and he won’t be able to protect them.
Geralt does not like to be ordered around or provoked. He can be quite cold and ruthless to people or beings that are wicked and malevolent. He is by nature a loner and an outcast, with a ruthless streak to him that makes him extremely dangerous when provoked.
Most of the time he can be apathetic, cynical, and threatening. Despite his outwardly cold nature, it is said that behind his exterior hides a fiercely loyal friend, a gentle lover, a man of good humor and a giver of sound advice. He is also very protective and loyal to his friends and companions and is willing to go great lengths for those who matter to him. He can be kind-hearted and caring towards the people he loves.
Geralt is also a person who is extremely adept at allaying intense - and at times bleak - situations, and is someone who would much sooner have everyone return home safely than draw their swords. His experience of traveling across the Kovomaka universe for (presumably) a large number of years, makes him a world-weary man, often expressing disdain and circuitous insults to those he considers cruel, foolish, etc. But it also enables him to teach his students unique things about the universe and its inhabitants.
As a teacher he can be quite harsh, strict and disciplined at times, but he does have great patience and a much friendlier approach if a student tries his or her best to heed his teachings. In any case, the first step to getting Geralt to like you, is to earn his respect.


For more information...*Click*:
Despite his name, Geralt does not hail from the Razen city of Rivia. After being taken from his mother, Visenna, at age seven by the witchers of the School of the Wolf -due to an unfulfilled oath- he grew up in their keep of Kaer Morhen. In the interest of appearing more trustworthy to potential clients, young witchers were encouraged to make up surnames for themselves by master Vesemir. As his first choice, Geralt chose "Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde", but this choice was dismissed by Vesemir as silly and pretentious, so "Geralt" was all that remained of his chosen name. "Of Rivia" was a more practical alternative and Geralt even went so far as to adopt a Rivian accent (a Bulgarian accent) to appear more authentic.
As he grew up in the keep of Kaer Morhen, he learned what it meant to be a witcher. Most people usually describe this profession and way of life as “a monster hunter for hire”, as witchers are hired to slay dangerous mythical creatures in the whole Kovomaka universe. Each witcher has a weapon of choice and sometimes magic too. Geralt was therefore trained to be a master swordsman and fire and air magician, as well as a “monster slayer”.
One does not easily become a witcher, because at that time the planets depended on the skill and expertise of the witchers to slay the most dangerous of the mythical creatures. Therefore, Geralt endured harsh training from a very young age. He did not only have to learn to wield the sword, bow and magic, but more importantly he had to gather knowledge on all there is to know about mythical creatures. As a final test Geralt underwent the so-called “Trials”, leading up to the “Trial of the Grasses”. The Trial of the Grasses or herbs was an incredibly painful trial which all young witcher apprentices were subjected to. It required the consumption of special alchemical ingredients known as "the grasses" and affected the physiology of the subject.
Reportedly, only three in ten survived the trial. Those who didn't survive died in agony, but those who did gained animal-like reflexes, their signature cat-like eyes and a higher pain threshold. Obviously, Geralt survived the trial.
Due to his brilliant success in training, Geralt was selected for a new kind of additional mutation experiments. He is the only witcher to have survived these experiments - his stark white hair being a side effect of these additional mutations. It resulted in him to becoming a “hybrid”: half human, half witcher. Where the witchers were great fighters, made to kill and incapable of fear, but therefore stone cold and ruthless, Geralt would be able to “feel” and to listen to the voice of reason. Thus, it would make him capable of coexisting with humans, something master Vesemir deemed necessary for their kinds’ long term survival in the Kovomaka universe.
For more information about the nature of a “original” witcher.. *Click*:
After finishing his witcher-training, Geralt embarked into the universe of Kovomaka. Thus, he became a professional “monster slayer for hire”.

The Witcher:
Geralt would occasionally take a break from travelling. During his break he would return to Kaer Morhen where he educated the witcher-apprentices in fire magic, as this was his speciality and his passion. In time he also became a well-known witcher across the Kovomaka universe.

At one point, Geralt demanded the unborn child of a noble woman named Pavetta and her husband Emhyr var Emreis, as a reward for his services. Though it may sound odd, this wasn’t in fact a strange request at the time coming from a witcher, because the witchers were always looking for new protégés and the people demanded their protection and offered what was most dear to them in return. It is said that is why Geralt himself ended up in Kaer Morhen. Unfortunately, the child was born a girl and therefore seemed unfit to surpass the ruthless methods of the witcher lifestyle, and Geralt refused her. However, fate caused Geralt and the girl, Cirilla, to cross paths three times after that. Eventually, Geralt took the girl as his protégé and he has never regretted it since. Now, he loves her as his own daughter. Because of several events that took place after that, he even adopted her officially with his wife at the time, the magician Yennefer.

The life of a witcher is usually quite lonely and as they constantly travel from place to place, they don’t really have a place they call “home”. Moreover, their line of work puts them in danger almost every single day. This caused Yennefer to eventually divorce Geralt after several years of marriage. When she finally left him, she said that she couldn’t stand the thought of possibly losing him at any given moment.
Geralt respected her decision, although it broke his heart to lose her.

Years later he met his new love, Triss. She was a young magician who just recently graduated from Starshine Academy. They met while hunting for the same wraith. Even though she was considered too young for him, the two fell in love and married a year later. As their love grew and time passed, the perception of Kovomaka on the witcher community changed. Thanks to new regulations, better collaboration between the planets and more common knowledge about mythical creatures, the witchers increasingly were considered a threat, rather than protectors against dangerous magical beings. Rulers believed that, with sufficient knowledge, they themselves could handle the “dangerous mythical creatures’ problem”, without the unsupervised interference of witchers.

Recent events:
In time Geralt and the other witchers found themselves out of a job and out of the good graces of the common folk, as the rulers used fear to wreck the bond between witchers and the population.
Geralt therefore was forced to find a new line of work and a new life purpose as well.
That’s when he and Triss parted ways. She went back to her homeplanet of Nova to be part of a magicians’ council there.
Eventually Geralt decided to apply for a position as fire magic teacher at Starshine Academy. He chose this position since he had already taught fire magic to witcher-apprentices for sixteen years by now.


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Master Geralt

Real Name : Sansan
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Geralt of Rivia   ma jun 26 2017, 17:15

Update: De terugkeer van Geralt of Rivia

Na enige tijd op Starshine Academy te hebben verbleven, kon Geralt het gevoel maar niet van zich afschudden dat hij zijn oude leven als Witcher miste, aangezien het niet geheel vrijwillig was geweest dat hij ooit van beroep had moeten veranderen. Het trok aan hem om "vast" te zitten tussen de stenen muren en in het alledaagse leven, ondanks dat hij genoot van zijn baan en het contact met zijn leerlingen en collega’s. Met behulp van de mensen die hij er ontmoette, vond hij langzamerhand zijn plek in de beschaving, maar... het wild bleef deel van hem en leek niet van plan er nog uit te gaan. Het bleef hem roepen, steeds heviger met de tijd. Onzekerheid knaagde aan hem en twijfel maakte zich uiteindelijk van hem meester, waardoor hij na enkele maanden besloot om afscheid te nemen van de school en van de kennissen die hij hier had opgedaan, onder wie Oriël. In goed overleg hadden ze door zijn plotselinge vertrek afgesproken voor nu vrienden te blijven en is Geralt tenslotte teruggekeerd naar zijn oude bestaan.

Dit was echter van korte duur... Het was misschien een week nadat hij de school had verlaten, dat een nieuwe leegte hem vulde. Eén die nog groter, nog intenser was dan hij voorheen ooit had gevoeld. Er ging haast geen nacht meer voorbij dat hij niet wakker schrok en zich voor een moment weer op de school waande. Zijn gedachten waren vervuld van oude beelden, van de gezichten die inmiddels zo bekend voelden en waarvan hij wenste dat hij ze weer in het echt zou kunnen zien...
Maar koppig als hij was, bleef de Witte Wolf stug zijn leven voortzetten, weet het aan de nieuwe verandering waar hij wederom aan moest wennen.
Maar wat hij ook deed, waar hij ook kwam... alles herinnerde hem aan het leven op Starshine Academy. Zelfs het idee om binnen de veilige muren te verkeren begon akelig aangenaam te voelen.

Het vergde een lang gesprek met zijn dochter om te ondervinden dat er zich in hemzelf een transformatie had plaatsgevonden: Geralt was niet langer slechts "de Witte Wolf", de "Witcher". Zijn verblijf op de school, hoe gering ook, had ook de mens in hem weer aangewakkerd en de mens riep om het stuk veiligheid en stabiliteit van het "alledaagse leven" wat hij daar had ervaren. Niet te vergeten verlangde het daarbij, diep vanbinnen, naar de genegenheid die hij eveneens had ondervonden...
Het was om deze reden dat uiteindelijk een knoop werd doorgehakt en een afspraak met hemzelf en met zijn dochter werd gemaakt: Hij zou gehoor geven aan beiden; aan de Wolf én de mens. Geralt zou niet langer proberen zijn band met de wildernis volledig te verbreken en zichzelf in iets te veranderen wat hij simpelweg niet kon zijn, maar daarbij... zou hij proberen terug te keren naar het geluk wat hij eerder had gevonden op die ene, magische school om zichzelf weer… compleet te maken.
Als hij er nog welkom zou zijn...


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Geralt of Rivia

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