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Master Savador
Master Savador

Real Name : Saf
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Magic: Dark // Fire
Klas: Teacher FireMagic
Partner: ♛ Seven Devils all around you

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BerichtOnderwerp: Awards   Awards Icon_minitimeza apr 25 2015, 10:56

Awards SpWMpRh
Awards 8QzRUEZ
Je ziet ze veel op Engelstalige RPG fora en ook op SSA hebben we dit systeem vanaf nu in haar concept bijgesloten; de kleine icon awards. Leden kunnen deze verdienen door een bepaald doel te behalen en acties te verrichten (in de RPG of daarbuiten). Voldoe je aan een beschrijving, dan mag je je Award komen claimen in dit topic. Awards zullen dan vervolgens op je profiel worden gezet door het Team, maar je bent ook vrij om ze in je onderschrift te plaatsen. Natuurlijk kun je zelf ook suggesties doen voor nieuwe Awards, neem daarvoor een kijkje in het Suggestietopic.
Awards 8QzRUEZ

ooc | in-rpg | class awards | special awards
out of character
Awards 1e4O5y7 - I wrote a post of 500 words
Awards PBGFiYv - I wrote a post of 1000 words
Awards RluuBgq - I wrote a post of 2000 words
Awards 0wQeFdO - I wrote a post of 4000 words
Awards 1ySHh2m - I'm a slow poster!
Awards VYsQm0G - I introduced my character
Awards CHll8ev - I submitted an application
Awards BHBo8tn - I asked for help at the Helpdesk
Awards Gc7rY8j - I was in search of..
Awards Er1nOK5 - I promoted Starshine Academy
Awards PUKCMck - I have been a member for one year (and counting!)
Awards ZaSnfuJ - I stopped/became inactive, but have returned!
Awards IUiIn6z - I gave my character a makeover
Awards X3clUM1 - I made an avatar/signature/profile picture for a fellow member!
Awards QkT47Gt - I am a Night Crawler! (logging in/posting after 12:00 AM)
Awards PpvfE0w - I liked the official Starshine Academy page on Facebook!
Awards S9tcdli - I submitted art on the Starshine Academy DeviantArt-Group!
Awards VkFZhkr - I won an Event!
Awards QvvDJji - I am very moody
Awards I9L4uAr - I am happy all the time!
Awards TRM8yW0 - I am a Light Magician
Awards 2Ct4FqH - I am a Dark Magician
Awards BRI01Km - I am a Fire Magician
Awards UH5ijYr - I am a Wood Magician
Awards LdBBOvA - I am a Water Magician
Awards Kt4gUpX - I am an Earth Magician
Awards 7AYjeSN - I am an Air Magician
Awards DwNiaNZ - I use a weapon
Awards 7ndecM0 - I know Healing Magic! (Light/Water Magic only)
Awards QnNZymQ - I know Summoning Magic!
Awards Ls5FxZT - I know Toxic Magic!
Awards LONgZT4 - I know Crystal Magic! (Light Magic only)
Awards QOXAyXi - I know Animagus Magic! (Animal Communication/Wood Magic only)
Awards W25p7eN - My magic types form a major antithesis! (je magiesoorten zijn tegenpolen)
Awards Vo9xyc - I'm bi-magical! (Je hebt meer dan 1 soort magie)
Awards E9Lgiwe - I use jewelry to enhance my magic
Awards NfWYUTI - I use music to enhance my magic
Awards T1OctIX - I am a Student
Awards 0GpuI5x - I had a private lesson (only student showing up in class)
Awards Neb0PpA - I skipped a grade!
Awards 3oKK3EP - I failed a grade!
Awards PcWX2Jo - I made a Teacher angry!
Awards SfEicmI - I snuck out of my dorms at night
Awards VfOoyZt - I helped a new student find his/her way!
Awards 5DS6e0u - I went to the dungeons (and survived!)
Awards OgoU1Ab - I went to Oak's Field
Awards Q8lM1fX - I went partying! (topic in de Jolly Jester)
Awards 2cLsAgp - I did illegal stuff! (topic in de Black Market)
Awards BTWHAJl - I traveled to another planet
Awards IeIXLLo - I landed on the Launching Platform!
Awards AaTR6oi - I stole something
Awards BdED7Qp - I set foot in a restricted area
Awards 5d0jDJX - I got treated in the Hospital Ward
Awards ExUr5ma - I had my check-up!
Awards I8EiHIw - I have knowledge of Erd's technology
Awards CqvhSBm - I got a detention!
Awards 7IpZVaa - I wrote in my Journal
Awards O4TRZMr - I just really love food! (topic in de Grote Zaal)
Awards ClUVzwW - I am a pet owner!
Awards Xu6XmC8 - I lost/gave up in an Arena Match
Awards Nt4I9k2 - I won an Arena Match!
Awards LF9OLpP - Fate hates me! (your attack got blocked in an Arena Match)
Awards NgWlIVA - Fate loves me! (your attack succeeded in an Arena Match)
Awards ShBXF5p - I went on a mission!
Awards JVc22rN - I have family at SSA!
Awards 7VE6f95 - I have a partner
Awards NT4j9aj - I did dirty stuff
Awards 6VONMF5 - I am engaged/married
Awards Dv4Zrd4 - I have wounded a character
Awards QUWgYzw - I have killed a character
Awards RQs0nrq - I lost someone I loved
Awards LHNADZu - I died
class awards

Awards BVPR39d - I completed my Magical Tarot set! (Divination Class - Magical Tarot)
special awards

Awards E1BvEGy - I got promoted! (Novice)
Awards AgCNkI2 - I got promoted! (Ascendant)
Awards HjoD7yU - I got promoted! (Specialist)
Awards LUgAder - I got promoted! (Guardian)
Awards HukHChW - I got promoted! (Elite)
Awards Vra0cpq - I can speak an Ancient Language (Oud-Novaans, Oud-Grenaans, etc.)
Awards Syh4PPE - I am in Miss Eres' Melodiam Class
Awards LBZr7kG - I have wings! (Air Magic only)
Awards ZqA8HxI - I am a Sarkas!
Awards O3WxJRB - I am a member of the Suasama
Awards CkkL6nQ - I am a Trainee
Awards WpMt1ls - I am a Teacher
Awards Ao4VIY9 - I am an Advisor
Awards YxH4ZGS - I am a Legendary Magician
Awards Al4c0va - I am the Medic
Awards AAKEUoe - Miss Eres is my mentor
Awards EvTKWRT - I celebrated my birthday!
Awards Aw6nTh9 - I participated in the Happy Easter Egg Hunt!
Awards LphUBZB - I participated in any Halloween Event 2015
Awards O0ScR0V - I participated in any Winter Event 2016
Awards Y8FQq7g - I participated in the Valentines Event Sugar Hearts 2016
Awards YmThBtu - I participated in the Valentines Event Cupids Roses 2017
Awards HPCzdp6 - I participated in the Spring Events 2017
Awards VJWOgLP - I participated in the Summer Festival 2017
class awards: deze Awards kun je enkel behalen door middel van het leren van specifieke Spreuken, of het attenderen van lessen. Leden met een lerarenaccount kunnen ook suggesties voor Awards van hun lessen plaatsen!
special awards: dit zijn exclusieve Awards die je enkel kunt verdienen door het hebben van een bepaalde rang of eigenschap, of bijvoorbeeld een deelname aan een Event.

Awards MVWlOKR
Awards Siggy

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