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 New and Improved: Elijah B. Lockwood

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Introducing: Elijah B. Lockwood

“Let’s see.” Doctor Lilian Grey grabbed her logbook as she glanced at her new patient. A young man had just walked into her practice. Apparently his mother made an appointment for him. Judging from the way he sat in the chair right in front of her, this surely wasn’t his idea. Well, it was certainly not the first time she had an unwilling patient, but she had to admit to herself that he made quite the appearance. His eyes were even more red that the armchair he sat in. They stared intensely at her, like she was a treat. Interesting… “I see that you filled in the form I gave your mother last week.” The 25-year old psychiatrist said, with a vague smile, thereby pointing out the slightly awkward ambiance in the room. With the form in one hand, Lilian grabbed her recorder in the other and pressed the big, red button. “Logbook entry: Patient: Elijah Lockwood - Age: eighteen - Case file: 402.E - First session.” After recording the necessary information, like she always did when meeting a new patient, she once again focused her attention on the boy with the peculiar gaze. “Sorry about that. Regulations, you know, the boring stuff.” No response. Well, they were certainly off to a good start. Lilian smiled nonetheless. She held the form like it was her bible and read what it said. “So your name is Elijah B-“
“No need to mention the middle name.” The boy corrected with a stern voice.
Alright, apparently he didn’t like his middle name. It was rather long and unique, so she could imagine it wasn’t quite to his liking. “Elijah B. Lockwood it is then.” Lilian concluded.
“Just "Eli" is fine.” It sounded like a command, rather than a request.
“Well, you seem not quite the talkative type, are you Eli?” Lilian guessed with a smile, since Eli had only given short, yet clear answers so far or said rather nothing at all, or so it seemed.
He shrugged. “Depends,” His “s” had a hissing sound to it. “I could be if the conversation keeps me interested enough.”
“So this isn’t interesting enough to you?” Lillian responded. “I’d think that it should be, since we are talking about yóu after all.” Suddenly a really good question (or so she thought) emerged into her brain, a question that a trained psychiatrist would ask if given the chance: “Does that mean you don’t think of yourself as interesting?” Ha! Now they were getting somewhere!
Eli’s face changed a bit. Good! Maybe he was going to cry or something! Then, suddenly, a big, cheeky grin appeared. Wait, what? “Well, apparently sóme people think I’m quite “interesting”, or else I wouldn’t be here, would I?” He was probably talking about his mother among others.
“Do you agree with them?” Lilian demanded to know.
Eli patiently crossed one leg over the other and strangled his fingers together in front of him. “Do I think I’m "batshit crazy", you mean? Because that’s how people usually describe me.”
How…remarkable: if it were true what he’d just told her, Eli didn’t seem to mind in the slightest that others thought of him that way.
He sighed. “Listen, doc,” His eyes looked right into hers, unashamed. “I’m not strange, weird, off nor crazy. My reality is just different from yours. It’s that simple, really.”
Lilian honestly didn’t know if she should be impressed by that remark of his or rather really, really worried. Maybe a little bit of both? There definitely was something “off” with this kid, despite his own thoughts about it, her experience told her that much. Though, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, yet. But as an educated psychiatrist Lilian was determined to find that out. “Right, well...” Somewhat surprised, Lilian grabbed a firmer hold on the form, her guideline. “Let’s further discuss your answers on the form, shall we?” Lilian glanced at the paper. “You’re eighteen, Shadrian and…” She paused for a moment. “ruggedly handsome…” That’s what it said, right there on the top of the first page. Hmn, at least he had confidence.
“Thank you.” Eli responded with that same, cheeky smirk of his on his face, like it was in fact hér opinion of him instead of his own. “You don’t look so bad yourself, doc.”
Oh dear.
“What you like to do…” Lilian continued reading, pretending to be undisturbed. “People.” Huh? “You like to do people.” As doctor Grey repeated herself, she suddenly realized what the form actually said. No way. She couldn't keep her cheeks from turning slightly red.
A catchy, amused laugh filled the room. “The form emphasized that I had to give honest answers, so I did.” The young man explaned shamelessly.
Lilian put down the form and looked at Eli earnestly. “You don’t seem to take this very seriously, do you? So what exactly are you here for, Eli? What do you gain out of this conversation with me?” Maybe, just maybe if she’d try talking to him like an equal, rather than a psychiatrist to a patient, this would actually go somewhere.
For the first time since the session started, Eli seemed to listen attentively to what she had to say. For a moment it fell completely silent in the room. “You should ask my mother. She is the one who wants to change me the most, because I’m not the “perfect child”. Since the moment my family realized I experience things…differently, I have become the family’s secret.” Even though what he told her was actually quite sad, Eli showed no real emotion. It was like he was telling someone else’s story, instead of his own. But at least he told her something. “No “besmirching” the family name.” His voice changed for a moment, like he was in fact mimicking someone, maybe a relative of his. “So, my parents gave me a choice: ten more years in the nuthouse or going away to some sort of boarding school abroad.”
Lilian gasped and searched the form. What?
There it was, at the bottom of the second page: apparently Eli already spent quite some time at, what he called, “the nuthouse”. Twelve years to be exact. Almost his entire life so far! She completely overlooked that part by mistake. The days had been busy, so to be honest Lilian didn’t have the time to actually read Eli’s application form until now. Since his mother had only described him as “rather difficult”, Lilian secretly thought she'd get away with it and that it would be enough to talk about the form with Eli in person. She was a psychiatrist after all. That’s what psychiatrist do: talking and listening.
“So,” her voice trembled a bit, due to her recently discovered error. “if I understand correctly, your parents expect mé to judge if you are capable to go to boarding school or that you should stay in the mental institution.”
He nodded and shrugged again.
“But why on Shadra didn’t they just ask the psychiatrists who watched over you all those years?”
“They did.”
“Let’s just say my parents wanted a “second opinion” from you to give me a fighting chance.”
Well, that quite said it all.
Lilian sighed. Really? She only had her degree for two years now. She wasn’t ready to take that kind of a decision, although she was qualified to do so. Then it occurred to her that no one seemed to have asked what Eli wanted, when it was in fact his life they were deciding about. Moreover, he was eighteen years of age now. He wasn’t the little boy they sent to the mental institution twelve years ago.  “What do you want, Eli? Do you want to go back there, to the mental institution, or do you want to go to boarding school?” She therefore asked him and smiled again.
For the first time Eli showed some emotion: he looked surprised. It was probably correct to assume that in fact no one had ever asked his opinion on this matter, maybe not on anything really.
Eli fell silent for some time. “All I want is to be free to do what I want and be who I am, for a change.” He eventually replied.
Lilian confirmed his words with a short nod. “In that case your best chance is probably to go to boarding school. Way more freedom there and it’s abroad, therefore further away from home and your family.”
Suddenly he sat up, intensely staring at her with those big, red eyes of his. “Does that mean… you will set me free?”
The young psychiatrist didn’t answer immediately, slightly doubting if she would make the right decision by setting this peculiar person free. She could urge to have more sessions with him, but then again, Eli didn’t seem to want to or really wasn’t capable to reveal more of himself, on paper or in person. He was like a closed book to her: mysterious and therefore unpredictable.
Should she listen to the expertise of her fellow psychiatrists instead and lock him up again? Or should she follow her heart and sympathy for the boy and give him at least a chance of being free?
Lilian supposed they could always put him back in the mental institution if he were to behave too “curiously”.
“Alright, I will recommend that you will be sent to boarding school, like you requested.” She said eventually and quite hastily too, before she could change her mind. To put money where her mouth was, Lilian scribbled something on a special, different form and signed with her initials. “This should make everything in order.” She looked up at the unique, raven-haired boy with the red eyes once more. “Enjoy your freedom, Eli. Spend it wisely.”
Eli gave her a big, friendly smile, maybe a bit too friendly… “I will. Thank you, doctor.” It was the last thing he said to her, before he quickly stood up and walked out of the room, like what just happened was in fact nothing special at all to him. Like it wasn’t even a surprise anymore. Strange… But surely it meant nothing really… Right?
Lilian shook her head and went on with her daily business, blissfully unaware that at that very same moment a young man with black hair and red eyes just realized that his escape plan (which he already planned a long, long time ago) was executed perfectly, just as he predicted when he recommended doctor Grey to his parents, when it was in fact hím who demanded a second opinion. He was realizing that he chose his awfully gullible, terribly unexperienced and way too empathic psychiatrist perfectly.
Finally he broke free!

Starshine Academy, here he comes!
Be prepared...


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New and Improved: Elijah B. Lockwood

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