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 Asley Haze

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General Information:

Full name: Ashley Flame Haze

Age: 13

Birthday: January 5th

Gender: female

Animal form: Fire-fox

Magic: primary -Fire- secondary -air-

Planet of origin: Razen

Language: Razian

Daniel Hiss [Father] -Lives on Puffoon-
Alexis Haze [Mother] -Lives on Razen-
-no other known relatives-

-Playing pranks

Asley is 1.56 meters tall weighs about 39 kg. Her hair and eyes are normally black as coal or ashes. but glow orange like embers when she gets mad. She's usually wearing second-hand clothes. Even her uniform was bought second-hand in preparation for Starshine.

// hotheaded - stubborn - easily distracted - passionate - energetic - competitive - irritable - capricious \\

Little facts:
-She has an absolutely terrible sense of direction. Don't even bother asking her for directions, because if you follow them you'll more likely get lost than get to where you need to be.
-She has very poor control over her magic. She's not particularly powerful or weak when it comes to her magic, but she has little control over her power. it's usually all out or nothing for her. She blames her mixed heritage, but it could also be her complete lack of subtlety in any way whatsoever.
-She always has an extra set of clothes in her bag. When Ashley gets angry, and she does with some frequency, Often she loses control over her fire completely, letting it show though her hair and eyes, but also with fire bursting from her back like wings. She can't really use or control these wings at all, but they do often end up ruining her clothes, leaving the backs of them partially burnt and charred.

Personal History:
Daniel Hiss had fallen in love with Alexis Haze when he has visiting Razen on holiday. They were passionate and young, got swept up in the moment and within a span of three months were married and living together on Razen. They had only been together for less than a year however before their frequent fights got to the point where neither of them wanted to continue their relationship any longer. And so Daniel left to go back to Puffoon after the divorce had been officially completed. It was only a few weeks later that Alexis found out she was pregnant, and she sought to contact Daniel again. But despite her many attempts she only ever got back a single, brief letter. "Don't contact me again" was all it said. Alexis didn't really blame him though, it had been a pretty bad break-up, but it still left a bitter taste in her mouth. She decided to raise their child alone and named her Ashley.

Ashley has lived on Razen her whole life. She lived with her mother in the city when she was too young to remember, but they moved to a smaller village when she was two or three years old.
They lived generally happy and simple lives, getting by from her mother selling the paintings she made. They were never by any stretch of the imagination rich. In fact they were pretty poor, but Ashley never really complained. They always had food and drinks, she liked her clothes and their home well enough and they even had just a little spending money for special occasions.
When Ashley was about 8 years old her mom told Ashley about her dad for the first time, after quite a bit of probing from Ashley. She only got a name and a brief explanation what happened to him though, that he had left them to go back to Puffoon and wouldn't come back. Ashley's mother didn't want her to grow up bitter towards the man who had conceived her though, nor did she want Ashley to grow up suspicious of men in general. So she kept her sheltered from the truth, afraid she wouldn't quite understand.
As Ashley grew older she became more spirited, her mother loved seeing the passion in her eyes and taught her to draw. Ashley liked it well enough, but had a hard time sitting relatively still for hours on end. She picked up the habit of running to calm herself, to clear her head and to burn off some energy. This also calmed her temper a bit.
Ashley was ten the first time she got into a really big fight. Neither of them could tell you now what it was about, nor did it matter much. It was the first time Ashley got angry to the point she was shouting. It stunned her mother, but not from the shouting, or even the words, because with it Ashley showed her magic, her wings of fire and her burning eyes and hair. As Ashley noticed she forgot why she was angry, amazed at the fire as Ashley and her mother had believed Ashley didn't have much magic to begin with.
After that Ashley and her mom saved up to let Ashley go seek an education for her magic, it took years, and a lot of work, but it's shown its results very clearly.
Now Ashley has arrived at Starshine to begin a new chapter in her life. She was ready to learn a whole lot about her magic
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Asley Haze

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