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BerichtOnderwerp: MORTEN LARSSON   za okt 31 2015, 16:46



FULL NAME  Morten Larsson
MEANING Morten can mean ‘death’, but it’s also derived from Mars, the Roman god of war.
NICKNAME(S)  Mort, Morty
AGE 18
D.O.B. 10-04-1997

The name actually speaks for itself, Morten is able to transform his whole body into shadows, keeping his anatomical form. With this technique he’s able to combine himself with already existing shadows to either hide or quickly move from place to place. He can also duplicate himself using the same technique to make a shadow figure identical to himself, he’s able to switch places with the shadow figure. It’s a bit like teleportation, he can place the shadow figure anywhere as long as it’s still within a two meter range.  It’s even possible for him to ‘walk’ through walls by simply placing the figure through the wall in another room. He can only place one shadow figure at a time though, controlling them as he wants. They can either copy exactly what he does or do something completely different. Aside from the mimicry part he’s also able to manipulate shadows in every way, having random shadows attack for example. Of course he won’t be able to use this manipulation when there are no shadows, so when it’s either completely dark or when there’s a lot of light.

HEIGHT 1.82 cm
WEIGHT 71 kg
BODY BUILD Broad shouldered and slim waisted, leaning towards skinny
TYPE OF HAIR Thick and naturally wavy
SCARS Nothing major aside from scars from scratches or cuts in the past
SCENT If it were to be described, it would be something along the lines as fresh, maybe a bit like mint with autumn-like undertones as wood.
STYLE Very casual, street or urban-like

UNDERWEAR Boxers I guess?
SHIRTS It varies from simple t-shirts to flannel shirts to pullovers etc.
PANTS Preferably dark-coloured fitted jeans
JACKETS As of now, he owns a long black flight jacket with white patching on the back and sleeves
SHOES Just comfy trainers works
ACCESSORIES His goggles, sometimes he wears headwear like beanies or snapbacks
SLEEPING WEAR T-shirt and some kind of shorts, sometimes just boxers if he’s wearing those loose ones

Morten is kind of hard to describe as he's an unpredictable kid. His personality varies from being short-tempered to being laid-back. He isn't the type to be an ass for one day and a sweetheart the other day though. He just sometimes has these outbursts that makes people wonder whether to like him or not. He's often very contradictory, because he's impulsive making him act without thinking. Yet he's very solution oriented, practical and good at planning. He tends to take charge, as he's an assertive person and despite having the qualities to be a good leader. He doesn't like the responsibilities that comes along with it, rather shoving it onto someone else's plate. Which doesn't mean he runs away from them, he just avoids having to turn up for things that may turn out negative for the ones around him. When there's mutual respect, he's a great companion to have by your side. He may be outspoken and pretty bold with his words, the combination of his good heart and free spirit makes up for that. Becoming involved with Morten is kinda going into a rollercoaster, one with not major heights or curves, but it's never really predictable either.
+ Intelligent, practical, decisive
- Short-temper, unpredictable, impulsive

TALENTS Drawing, solving puzzles
EXTREMELY UNSKILLED AT Cooking and music, it isn’t his forte.

FOODS Spicy food
LEAST FAVOURITE FOOD Nothing, he basically eats everything
LEAST FAVOURITE COLOUR Anything too bright
MUSIC Acoustic, soft rock
LITERATURE Anything, literally anything
SMELL Homemade cooking
FEELING Completion
SOUND Silence
SEASON Doesn’t matter
PLACE The attic in his house
SPORT(S) Probably swimming or running
SAYINGS He doesn’t really have favourite sayings, though he does like giving people nicknames. Generally he has smart alec comments, but not really sayings.
POSSESSION Nothing in particular
WHY? Morten doesn’t believe in carrying around stuff that might give fake hope or the delusional feeling of receiving luck from a simple item.

Morten was the only child from Lauren Rosenquist and Aaron Larsson, though the couple decided pretty soon after his birth to divorce. As they were too different to live happily without any fights together. Naturally Lauren was left alone with their child, having almost nothing as they didn’t have much to start with. She had to find a 40-hours job to be able to properly live. Despite being away very often and exhausted when home, Morten didn’t seem to be bothered by it. He had his friends from school to play with when she was working and at home, he would occupy himself by trying to independently take care of the household stuff. He grew independent and mature pretty soon, sooner than his peers. Again not of a big deal, it wasn’t until he turned 15 when he noticed his strange connection with the shadows. Wherever he would go and whenever he wouldn’t feel at ease, he would notice his shadow shifting as if it tried to warn him. The first couple of times it happened, he just waved it away thinking it was just him seeing things. Only after a full month of strange events involving shadows, he decided to ask Lauren. She was hesitant at first, but not surprised after hearing what had happened. After a round of questions, she explained the situation. It was quite a revelation for Morten, knowing he possessed magic as well. Somehow he was convinced that the magic wasn’t passed on to him, as a kid he felt left out while his friends all started to develop their elements already. It took a few years for him to accept that fact and he couldn’t care less after that anymore. In fact he wasn’t quite happy about it, because immediately she made him clear that it must’ve been from his dad’s side. The only man in his life who he really despises for leaving Lauren alone without helping her with anything. Fortunately he didn’t have to contact him for this matter, his uncle was the only person whom he still talked to from now and then. He offered himself for Morten to come over and help him with his ability. Filip was a friendly middle-aged man, someone to look up to when you’re younger. During the summer break Morten was allowed to come over and stay for a few weeks with Filip and his family. Surprisingly they weren’t much alike to his father, this family was warm and willing to help him with whatever. He wasn’t used to this as he was naturally very independent. Not only did they help him control the ‘shadows’, they also told him everything about this special subcategory of dark magic. This shadow mimicry/manipulation derived from back then considered forbidden techniques. Back then as in like ancient times when people still believed the world was flat. The backstory is a bit similar to Pandora’s box, someone was eager to become stronger and immortal therefore he opened a box full of the forbidden magic, releasing it and learning every single forbidden technique. Morten didn’t quite catch the whole story, he was already intrigued by the fact it was derived from something that used to be seen as forbidden and the work of the devil. Ambitious as the kid was he wanted to learn every aspect of this shadow manipulation spending hours and hours training in the shed of their garden.

To be continued blahh..

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