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 Timothy Marco Valkery

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BerichtOnderwerp: Timothy Marco Valkery   za okt 24 2015, 21:40

Timothy Marco Valkery

19 years old
10th of September
Native Language: Irish


Full name: Timothy Marco Valkery

Pronunciation: /ˈtɪməθi/

Nickname(s) or Alias: Timo, Timtim, Tim, Tem, Temmie

Gender: Male, last time he checked

Species: Human, student

Age: 19 years old

Birthday: 10th of September

Zodiac: Virgo

Sexuality: Straight

Place of Birth: Razen

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, Irish, basic French

Native language: Irish

Relationship Status: Single


Height: 1m82

Weight: 72 kg

Figure/build: An average built male with light sixpack but not that broadly shaped.

Hair colour: Hellish Red

Hairstyle: Spiky

Facial Hairstyle: He doesn’t grow a beard

Eye colour: Blue as the ocean, maybe a tiny bit cyan.

Skincolour: Pinkish tone, with barely see-able freckles

Tattoos: Right under his eyes he has two red boomerang shaped tattoo’s, which were put on his face when he joined a Razian gang

Piercings: He is often seen wearing an industrial piercing in his ear.

Scars/distinguishing marks:  He does have a massive scar on his arm, which is very noticeable since that is the place where most of his freckles are.

Preferred style of clothing: He loves punk-themed clothing and everything black.

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: The industrial piercing in his ear.


Smoker? Yes, but only when he feels very stressed.

Drinker? Yes, he loves his daily beer.

Addictions: If you can call food an addiction.

Allergies: He is allergic to pollen

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: narcolepsy, cataplexy

Any medication regularly taken: Flumazenil.


Personality:  He is a very patient guy who loves to smile. But behind that smile are a ton of memories he likes to keep hidden for others. He is easygoing, optimistic and he loves food more than anything else. He loves to joke around and has a quite loud voice with a heavy Irish accent.

Likes: Food obviously, Beer, tracking, playing bagpipe, jokes, nature, stars

Dislikes: the words death and murder, sharing food, hugs with strangers or people he doesn’t know that well.


Favourite colour: Red

Hobbies: Playing the bagpipe, writing stories, tracking

Taste in music: Metal, Rock, Punkrock, Punk.


Talents/skills: He can play the bagpipe really well.

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? He can ride a bicycle 


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore

Favourite food(s): Pizza is his favourite.

Favourite drink(s): Beer

Disliked food(s): Fish

Disliked drink(s): None.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful

Fighting skills/techniques: He has been trained to be quite the fast mover, but he never uses his technique to do bad.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Has control over an average fire and airmagic level, is able to produce lightning.

Weapon of choice (if any): A metal bat the length of his upper arm.

Weaknesses in combat: If you can get him on the ground, he’s done for.

Strengths in combat: He is swift, light on his feet and a quick blocker/attacker. He is always observing and looking for weak points in a defense.


Parents names: Celina (?) x Leonard Valkery

Are parents alive or dead? Both died

Is the character still in contact with their parents? Nope.

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? They’re dead as well

Other Important Relatives: Yang Valkery but he doesn’t know she exists.

Partner/Spouse: -

Children: -

Best Friend: -

Other Important Friends: -

Acquaintances: -

Pets: May, A Kiwi

Enemies? Why are they enemies? -



Can I hide the scars? Just like prison bars?


"Geeeeeeeeet Dunked On!!"
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Timothy Marco Valkery

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