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Basic Statistics
Full Name: Teren Santoro
Reason or meaning of name: Teren is an Abbrevation from Terence. Apparently named after his great grand-father; Terence Santoro. Santoro is derived from the Latin name Santorus/Sanctorum (festum Omnium Sanctorum). This name is usually given to people who were born on all saint's day, but Teren just inherited it from his adoptive family.
Nickname: T (Pronounced as Tee), 小金花, Xiǎojīn huā - Little golden flower.
How did they get it?: One of his clients named him that and so it has been his nickname ever since. Most people just call him Teren though.
Age: 21
Visual Age: Everything ranging from 18 to 23
Date of Birth: 2nd of November
Zodiac: Scorpio
Zodiac information: The Scorpio is loyal, passionate, observant and dynamic. The Scorpio is also easily jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative and unyielding. The Scorpio is independent, and like to be in control. Scorpios are very deep, intense people, there is always more then meets the eye. They present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and persistent drive.

Dating and making love with Scorpios.
The Scorpio man is unlike any other astrology sign. The Scorpio man presents a strong masculine, sexual force. The Scorpio man is easy to seduce and take home for the night, it is much harder to form a real relationship with him. Toying with a Scorpio male is an unwise move. He will be jealous and possessive. Scorpio men make excellent protectors and you will always feel safe, attracted under his radiating, passionate and energetic power. The Scorpio can be direct and forceful and seem to be an expert at what they do. They continue to seduce you even as the act continues. A thrilling experience not for the faint of heart!
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Blood type: B-
Sexual Orientation:  Unknown as of yet. Bi-sexual + Sapiosexual
When did they realize this?:  He has not yet realised this, as this is a process, and not a 'set path' nor a definition of one's persona.
Nationality: (most likely)Novan
Home town: One of the main villages on Gren.

Current Residence: He travels around, doesn't like staying (sleeping) in one place for too long.
Occupation: Graduated SSA, currently studying to become a divination/fortune-telling teacher.
For how long?: 2 years now. He decided he wanted to become a teacher after his time as a consort in the pleasure house: La fortunata. His ability to see light particles, parts of aura's and emotions drew him towards this profession. He just hopes he will actually be of some worth. So after graduating StarAcademy with good grades he left La fortunata and entered high school studying divination/fortune- telling and more specifically reading aura's and energies.
Do they like his/her job?:  Somewhat, at least more than anything else that he's capable of doing right now.
Salary: 0,-  More like -5000,- with his current loans.


If they had an element, what would it be?:  He is capable of seeing Light particles and bending them to his will. As he can see certain wavelengths and change them, he's able to slightly alter how people see certain colors or objects. He is also capable of bending wood, although only slightly and at huge energy costs. His wood magic is underdeveloped, and he's currently not in touch with this side of him yet.

Besides those 'smaller' forms of magic (as he can't really do all that much with either of those) he can sense and see people's energies. What's this 'energy' you talk of, and what is it made of, you may ask? Well the universe is made out of lots of different kinds of energies, balanced, or even contradicting ones, take for instance Light and Dark magic, obviously contradicting forms of energy. You see, magic -or emotional states for that matter- are just heaps of positive/negative/neutral energies. Teren can see and therefore sense these energies in a person, vaguely. It's more like seeing blots of, for example, red and purple and he has to guess whether the person is angry, uncomfortable or about to kill himself; the same holds for the magic elements.  Through experience Teren has managed to read some of these energy patterns and can therefore make an educated guess of one's emotional state and magic affinity. But most importantly, he can sense sudden shifts in one's emotional state/magical intent.

Besides just looking at the energy strings and analysing them, what really makes Teren stand out is his ability to tug, yes tug/pull/hang, at those strings. You see, energies visualize themselves as strings, much like a marionette's. They not only surround a person, but also envelop them. Certain strings are attached to the head, other's to sensation and yet others to the heart. Teren is capable of pulling, however slightly, at those strings; creating or taking away certain sensations or bringing out that much more or less out of a person. It's the most adamant reason why he's such a pleasure to be with. Just a slight touch of his fingers can leave one tingling with delight and pleasure and vice versa. I don't think I have to elaborate on what would happen if he were to tug at one's heartstrings? Yes, you would find that extremely pleasurable, which is why he was such an expensive and sadly brilliant prostitute at the 'pleasure house' he was forced into. He could make almost anyone feel at ease when around him, and could pleasure any woman, man or combination thereof.
Can they use it?: Yes, to some extent. He's better with his light magic, as he is currently out of touch with his wood magic.
What animal best represents them?: Novan Forest Cat

Hand-to-Hand capability: He doesn't have any experience in hand-to-hand combat. Sure he can kick and punch, but Teren is far from muscle-boy, and won't do any serious damage.
When did they start learning?: From SSA up until now? Boys be boys...
Who taught them?: Himself, no special training.

Weapons training: He has never had anything to do with truly lethal weapons, but a fan can be a truly harmful weapon when used correctly.
When did they start learning?: During his time as a Cicisbeo at the 'pleasure house', a male courtesan, he has learned the art of dancing with fans and at that learned to use it, and 'wield' it to harm potentially dangerous clients.
Who taught them?: The lady and owner of the 'pleasure' house; Adelina. I think back and still remember your shining raven black hair as you danced a complicated work of art made of twirls, throws and sighs; a scene that sent my heart racing. Mi adelinetta. I wish things had gone differently.
Physical strength: 3/10
Speed:  7/10
Planning: 6/10
Powers: 8/10

Any significant ancestors?: Casimir di Sanctorum (RIP), Athene di Sanctorum(RIP). They form the first pure branches of the family tree. Casimir and Athene were married, and owned a lot of land back in the day on Nova. They were actually pretty big guns, in business and magic. They were known to be beautiful stern people, but always fair to their 'slaves'. Some people called them monsters, others heroes, but all knew them.

Grandparents (describe relationship): Terence Santoro and his wife Faustina Santoro (RIP). As you might've already read, Teren is an orphan. He has never met his grandfather nor his late grandmother. His thinks both his grandmother and father are dead, that's what his foster parents told him. Truth is, Terence ordered them to do so, while he secretly gives them money for taking care of him. Terence actually hates his grandson, in part because he's 'only' half-bred, in part because he took away his dear daughter Isabella.

Terence could've killed his daughter's baby, in fact, he was about to when his wife, Faustina, stopped him. Isabella had named him Teren, after his own name. The name didn't make him feel more attached to the baby, but it meant that Isabella had seen something in the squirming child, that he apparently couldn't. It was the last thing she left him, and he'd make sure it would be kept alive; one way or another. She gave his life up for him, the child should make up for it when he's of age.

Aunts/Uncles (describe relationship): None of which he knows.
Parents (describe relationship):  Isabella Santoro and Dante Morse. Isabella, Teren's mother, died while giving birth. Teren was the last thing she delivered to this world, apart from her last breath. Isabella was a kind and loving woman and she was utterly beautiful. She shined, and made other women look at her in envy, while they tried to keep their men under control. Teren's father, a grenian, was a free spirit. He was jobless, almost homeless but was intelligent and fairly good-looking. He had this sort of ruff beauty, a natural sort of masculinity to him that pulled Isabella to him like a magnet. Their relationship was a short and fiery one. They grew apart, and Dante returned to Gren and dissipated entirely soon after. No matter how much she looked for him, she has never found him. She often wondered if he had been a ghost, a god, or something else entirely. Isabella never stopped loving him, but was eventually at peace with his disappearance because he had left her with nature's greatest gifts; a baby boy; Teren. There had been unforeseen complications at birth, something about mixed energies and Teren's position. In the end they couldn't save her and she passed away after making sure the boy had a name: Teren Santoro.
You might have gathered by now that, no, Teren has never had any contact with his mother or father. Something tells Teren that his father is still alive, but it is still unknown where he lives or resides.
Are they still together?: No. They never made it to the point of even getting engaged. Isabella's father Terence made sure of that. Dante was unworthy, he was Grenian, and jobless nontheless. Terence pretty much ruined their relationship, although Isabella eventually admitted that they (she and Dante), indeed, weren't a good fit and that they were better off this way.
Birth order: Teren Santoro is an only child. It is currently unknown if Dante had any other children with other women.

What is the character's family life like:  Up until six years ago Teren lived with his foster parents, two super plain Novans, that took care of him after Isabella died and Dante dissipated. His family life was messy and often chaotic. Teren never quite understood why his father had left him the way he did, and had trouble coping with the fact that he was absolutely alone on this world. There were no grand-parents, or so he believed, no uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, a mother or father; he was alone. He often spent time creating havoc just to get attention. He grew up to be a friendly but wild boy, always up for an adventure, dreaming to be a hero of some sort. He discovered his powers early on, and used them to soothe his foster parents whenever they got into a fight. He touched his foster mom once, but she refrained from his touch, telling him never to do that ever again. Teren didn't understand at the time. She was sending mixed signals, as her voice sounded stern but her eyes were full of excitement, almost wild, craving. He took her warning to the heart and refrained from touching her, ever again; drawing him further into seclusion.

Have they ever had any pets?: Yes, they had a cat; Mr. Jingles. Teren took the liberty of calling the cat Jin, as Mr. Jingles sounded... gay. It was a blackish-brown ugly thing, but he was Teren's companion for many lonely hours.
What happened to them?: Jingles died of old age, and they buried him in the backyard, after an extensive funeral led by 'sir' Teren himself. Jingles' death taught Teren of loss and  that life was finite. Even though he had enjoyed the Jingles' presence, he has never asked for a new pet after his death.

Are they a virgin?: No, he is not.
How did they lose it?: He lost it on the evening of his 'primming-rose bidding' organised by the 'pleasure house' he worked at. It was natural for male courtesans t o sell their virginity to the highest bidder, and so it went for Teren. The highest bidder turned out to be a thirty year old man, somebody who Teren had seen before hanging in the pleasure house. He was an influential business man from Shadra and had every right to take him that evening. Teren didn't struggle, his special preparations under guidance of Adelina had taught him better than that. It was uncomfortable and it hurt, but he clenched his fist until the white of his knuckles became visible and tried to 'enjoy' that 'glorious' moment. No, Teren isn't fond of talking or thinking about his first time.
Have they ever cheated on a partner?: He has never had a stable partner in his life. All of his 'romantic' encounters has been with his clients. A courtesan's job is to cheat on their previous clients, every evening, again and again.

Who was their first crush?: Adelina, the lady and owner of the 'pleasure house'. She took him under his wing after she saved him from some investigators chasing him for stealing a loaf of bread. At first he was just the stable boy and the boy that took care of carrying around wine, food and the like for the customers to consume. After he turned of age, she went on preparing him for his new job. Adelina knew of his special little power, and knew that sooner or later people were going to ask for him anyway. Better to prepare him for the worst to come. And so it was that they spent lots of alone time together, her teaching him the ropes of pleasure. What it was and how it could be awakened.

First love?: It would have been Adelina, if he had the courage of asking her. Besides, the age gap was just too much. He was sure that she would've denied him anyway.
Who is your characters closest friend?: He likes to think that this is probably Adelina. But he knows better now. She used him for her own personal gains. And as a Scorpio, he can't seem to 'just' let that go. She still means a lot to him tough, and they occasionally write to each other.

Favourite foods: Noodles, beef, pineapple, mango, watermelon, strawberries
Least favourite food: Spinach, beans, anything sour, liquorice
Favourite colours: Yellow, black, blue, white and purple.
Least favourite colour: Green
Music: He likes to listen to rock/hard music, blasting it through his headphones as loud as possible.
Literature: He likes reading romantic comedy's, very girly but true. At the same time, horror's and crime books tend to grasp his attention as well. He hates sci-fi literature.
Smell: Crushed pine needles in a still moist and damp forest.
Feeling: Feeling of the rain on bare skin.
Season: Winter
Pets: Cats
Place: Nova
Favourite sport(s): Dancing and watching swordplay
Favourite Sayings:  'Beauty is only skin deep.' -Sir Thomas Overbury (1581-1613)
'You have been kissed by moon and stars' - Himself

Possession this character values most: His memories of Adelina and him spending time alone, her stern teachings to him and her warm laugh.
Why is it so important to them?: Because it's what held him together all those years. It's what he practically lived for until a few years ago. She was his reason for putting up with being a lowly courtesan... Not any-more, and never again will I throw myself into such foolishness

Physical Characteristics
Height: 1.87cm
Weight: 67kg
Body build: Teren is a tall, slim guy. He isn't incredibly muscled, but has a nicely defined body, especially regarding his back and abdominal muscles. He is all in all, a pretty man.
Eye Colour: Golden
Glasses or contact lenses?: None. 20/20 eye-vision.
Hair Colour: A light blonde at the ends and a more dark blonde-brownish colour at his roots.
Type of hair: Silky, shiny hair
Hairstyle:  He actually recently cut his hair. They used to be hanging on his shoulders, but he cut it after leaving the 'pleasure house'. It 's just over his ears now, cut in layers. He styles it in an roundabout fashion, without any particular routine. He tends to add some hair-clips on very rare occasion, or wear a hat, but he's passed the 'dress yourself up' phase of his courtesan years.

Complexion and skin tone:  A creamy white, which tans easily. His skin is in general a bit more dry than it is oily, but he has learned how to deal with that and so he still does, even after having left the 'pleasure house'.
Shape of Face: Heart-round faced.
Tattoos: Yes, he has the unique brand of his 'pleasure house' tattooed on his right shoulder. He's, after all, owned by them even though Adelina let him go on his own free will. Even though a lot of people would probably get rid of it, and no, Teren isn't proud of it either, but he considers it as a part of his past, it gives him a little more structure and, however shitty, a place to come back home to.
Scent: A cacophony of flowers and mint.
Voice: His voice is higher than most men, although clearly distinguishable from a women's voice. It's a bit raspy and above all very boyish, seducing and often slightly hoarse.
Health: Strong. His skin always seem to glow and his hair seem to originate from the sun herself. Everything about him screams well-taken-care-for. Other people might describe him as a little feminine, then again that wás his job after all.
Style: Elegant and simple.

How do they walk?: Gracefully, and seemingly effortless. It's as if everything moves out of it's own, almost like flying.

Preferred Clothing:
Underwear: Boxer briefs in all sorts of colours. This also, used to be different a couple of years ago.
Shirts: Simple shirts, V-neck, round neck; white, blue, grey, dark red and black are his colours.
Pants: Normal, not too tight, dark coloured jeans/pants.
Jackets: He likes jackets with a hoodie that he can hide under. So thick materials, or fake-leather jackets are his thing.
Shoes: Sporty shoes, converse, simple. He dislikes spending a lot of money on clothes/shoes or stuff like that. It's not the clothes that make the man after all.
Accessories: He likes wearing a scarf and he has earrings, so he likes wearing black simple studs in them. He dislikes too much jewellery as it reminds him of his more intimate times with his clients and reminds him of their riches which it was Teren's job to take off.
Sleeping wear: Just a shirt and boxer briefs, nothing more, nothing less.
Swimming wear: Normal swimming trunks in a dark blue colour.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes
Did they go to school?: Yes and no. The first four years he has been home schooled by Adelina, after that he went to high school to finish his school and actually get a diploma.
Where?: Starshine Academy, Kovomakia
What did they learn?: How to slightly control his magic, and he used his wood magic there for the first time. Up until he was 17 he didn't know he even possessed that form of magic.
What were their grades like?: He always had good grades, he was and still is a sharp boy after all. Besides, his home teachings were proficient, in more ways than one.
Native language: Novan; Latin
Do they know any other languages?: A bit of Grenian.
How smart are they?: 7/10

What is their strengths?: To think rational and quick. He's analytical and sharp; witty.
Weaknesses?: To think things through before acting them out. He can be a bit rash or forgetful of names or small details, something that can irritate him greatly.
Manner of Writing: Just like you'd expect from a former male courtesan; elegant and stylish.
Any Mental Illnesses?: Slightly stuck with some problems regarding his past, but his past aside, he's perfectly ok. Is being an absolute idiot sometimes a mental illness?
Character's short-term goals in life: To do his best at his current study. To make new friends. To forget about his former job. Forgetting about Adelina. Being a boy, just for once. Fall in love, but not desperately. Have fun while teaching and learning about divination and fortune-telling/aura reading.

Character's long-term goals in life: Perhaps become a divination teacher? Become a grown-up. Live life without any regrets. Get married, have a child. Love like he's never loved before.
How does your Character see themselves?: As just a boy, without having accomplished anything in his life. He also sees himself standing at the beginning of a new chapter in his life. He hopes it's a chapter that will bring lots of new things, new sensations into his life.
How self-confident is your character?: Not, but he pretend to be. He puffs up his chest, lifts his head up high and pretends he's on a high horse, when in fact he is shaking like a leaf inside.

What makes their self-confidence waver?: The way people sometimes look at him, or used to look at him anyway. Like he is an object to devour, to use and to take control over. He also worries about his past and what people would think about it if he told them.
What would embarrass your character the most?:  Having to tell every little detail of his past, especially the intimate parts. He hates talking about that whole chapter of his life, even though there are some good memories as well.

How does your character feel about love: It is something that only extremely lucky people get to have a taste of.  Love is a special feeling, a feeling that he hasn't even grasped himself yet. He's jealous of all the people who claim to be in love, a feeling that he yearns for but has never received.
People of a different sexuality?: Well, he has  done a lot of things with the same and the other gender. And thus, he absolutely doesn't think he even has the right to judge others based on their sexual preference as he would be a total hypocrite.
Different nationality/race?: He thinks of all races equally, not discriminating between any of them. Or trying not to.

How does your character show affection/love?: He tends to give compliments a lot, he likes to touch the person and make him or her feel relaxed. He would try to not work his magic on him or her, and thus not letting them feel the way that they could feel when he was manipulating their minds or hearts. He would go to some extreme lengths to do nice things for him or her, and probably get a little bit more clumsy than he usually is. In the end, he would just tell the girl/guy about his feelings or just plainly kiss them, that always seems to get the message through. He's kind of a blunt person when it comes to this kind of stuff, it's how he's used to doing it after all.
Is your character typically a leader or a follower?: He is more of a leader, even though he has followed a lot of people the past few years. So he can be both. He can be a leader when he needs to, but also be a follower if there happens to be a better leader than himself.
Are they 'big picture' or 'little details'?: He's more of the big picture type regarding most things, but regarding magic, love and the like he's all about the little details.

Hobbies: Taking walks, pouring tea, drawing or painting, listening to music, dancing
Talents: Tea pouring, cooking, dancing. Analytical thinking, making people feel at ease, making people feel pleasurable. Send shivers down spines, kissing
Extremely unskilled at: playing instruments, thinking things through, talking about previous happenings, his wood magic, drawing, planning, being sad
If any, what musical instruments can they play?:  None.

Emotional Characteristics
How does character relate to others?: Teren is a bright, positive guy who likes to socially interact with others. He just walks towards them and will start a random conversation, because that's just the guy that he is. Just because he likes socially interacting with others doesn't mean that he talks alot per see. He's often a bit quiet, or reserved as you may call it. He's more of a guy who will compliment others instead of insulting them.

He can handle other people's emotions pretty well because a) he has a alarm system to warn him for that kind of behaviour and b) he has te power to soothe others, albeit slightly. So no, not everybody likes Teren, far from it. Some people hate the soothing calm feeling he makes you feel whenever you're around him, and yet others adore him for it and try to touch him when they feel distressed hoping to find some 'healing'. Teren is fine with both personalities, in fact, he's fine with all personalities and accepts the fact that his 'power' is as much a curse as it is a gift.

He's not one to trust a person easily, because those are the ones that tend to hurt him on the long run. And so he keeps a little distance for the first few months after knowing you, and then slowly begins trusting you. If you betray him while he trusts you, you're definitely out. Meaning he won't forgive you, no matter how much you plea for it.
How does the character deal with anger?: He tries to not get angry, and if he does, he usually just blurts it out. He's not one to keep it inside, because that's what he has been doing all his life. Even though his clients hurt him, beat him, bruised him, he was to keep it in, he was to bite down on whatever hope he had left and deal with it. Teren has sworn to himself that he will never let anyone hurt him in that way, be it emotional or physical, ever again. So, yes, he will blurt out issues he has with other people and actually, there's no use in hiding your own emotions because Teren will know anyway.
With sadness?: He has had a lot of shit in his life, and always had to deal with it alone. He's used to it, and so he tends to push people away a little bit whenever they want to soothe or help him. He's a grown-up after all, and those are his own memories, his own monsters that he has to defeat.
With conflict?: Teren is not a tough guy jumping in on every conflict/fight that he sees. He tries to avoid conflict as much as possible, but will at the same time fight back when he's targeted or wants to do so. But in general, he tries to understand everyone's own point of view and their opinions before brawling with them.
With change?: He likes change, he actually hates to sit still. That's why he doesn't have a permanent place to stay and that he tends to hop-in and hop out of different inns, bars or lodges.
With loss?: He handles loss badly. If you're talking about a friend whom he trusted, he will lock himself up for a couple of days without much food and without any contact to the outside world. It's his own way of dealing with things, and his own way of letting his tears flow freely. When in seclusion, he cries, sleeps, eats sometimes, showers, goes to bed, gets up, cries, reminiscence, cry, eat etc.
He doesn't really have any other family members to lose except for his grand father which he doesn't even know still lives. Still, he thinks of his mom and dad often, trying to figure out why his dad had left him and mourning his mother who gave up her life for him. He's actually kind of conflicted about that. He worries that it was his fault that his mom died, that he actually killed her without wanting to. He tries to push that thought away as it will pull him into serious depression for a couple of hours.

What does your character want out of life?: He wants to be himself, find someone who cares for him the way he is, and have fun the entire time. He wants to think about the present, not the future or his past, even though his past is what made him the way he is now. He wants to forget, and not remember. And then when all is forgotten, he wants to fill the empty spaces with new happier thoughts and memories.
What would your character like to change in his/her life?: Lots of things. Bad memories, bad choices... But in the end nothing at all.
What motivates your character?: Beautiful weather, and a busy agenda. He also likes to sit on a bench in town and just stare at the people wandering by. He likes seeing them walk and making up stories about where they're going or what they're about to do. Happy smiling faces of others too, especially because he can share their emotions.
What frightens your character?: Although he doesn't admit it, and thinks himself weird because of it: Dominant looking guys or women. Probably because he has bad experiences with those kind of people. He's also afraid of having large riches, because he has seen multiple times what money can do with a person. Finally, there's him hurting a person without him wanting to. His powers work both ways after all, and his mood can influence his powers a little. And in the end, an untimely death.

Are they afraid of the Dark?: No, not any-more. He was when he was a child though. Somebody taught him that the night is just day's little brother and that he was always bullied because people didn't like his colour. Being the good guy that Teren is, he immediately stopped fearing dark or night and actually started adoring it.
Death?: No he doesn't. He believes it's unwise to live forever. The body is made only to survive up until one day. And when that day comes, he will embrace death without hesitation.
What makes your character happy?: Smiling faces, certain smells, cats, abstract paintings, small talk, watching art/dancing, making tea, watching people in the square, birdsong
Sad?: Being betrayed, death, loss, being rejected by animals, regret after buying something, imperfections of objects, finishing a really good book.
Angry?: Racism, sexism, unfair judgement, discrimination, animal abuse, domestic violence, violence, losing at games, being thought of as a piece of meat, sexual abuse.
Aroused?: The clavicle, thighs, back muscles, whispering in ear, slender fingers, long eyelashes, certain smells. People touching/kissing his neck. If you touch his inner thigh.
Annoyed?: A hair in your food, cold tea, being ignored, pessimistic people, not being able to sleep, arrogant people, rich people.
Guilty?: Eating luxurious dinner, spending a lot of money on himself, pirating anything, wasting food, accidentally soothing/hurting someone, not responding on Adelina's letters,
Is your character judgemental of others?: No, not at all. He thinks of everyone as equal. He's all for equality.

Is your character generous or stingy?: He is generoussss! He doesn't like spending money on himself at all, and rather spends it on somebody else. So he's probably the idiot that you ask for money and actually gives it to you.
Is your character generally polite or rude?:  He's a bit of both, it depends on his mood and the person he's talking to. He's like a mirror, if the other person is rude he's also rude and vice versa. But of course there are moments when he's feeling like more of a boy and moments he's feeling more like a man. It depends~
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Optimistic on pretty much everything.
Introvert or Extrovert?: In the middle but more towards being an extrovert. He's pretty outgoing and energetic , but at the same time he's not incredibly talkative and does keep his tears to himself.

Daredevil or Cautious?: Daredevil, if you throw a bone into a snake-pit and dare him to get it, he will jump right in. This really adds up to the 'not thinking things through part'.
Logical or Emotional?: In between, there are times that he thinks you need to be analytical and logical and there are times where you need to act your heart out, and pay not heed to the mind.
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?:  Methodical and neat although he tries to be messy. It's just part of the lifestyle he had a couple years ago. He had to be neat, tidy, organised and clean looking. And it rubbed off on his general lifestyle.

Would they rather be working or relaxing?: Working. He hates doing nothing at all.
How do they feel about animals?: He loves animals, especially cats. He thinks everybody should own or grow up with animals. They have a great effect on ones upbringing and emotional development. They can soothe and make you feel less alone. He's actually thinking about getting himself a cat again.

They are most at ease when: He's with someone he trusts, casually talking or asleep. Also when he's in a stable relationship and kissing/hugging/talking to him/her.
Ill at ease when: He's alone or when somebody ignores him. When he thinks he's in love, and thinks the other person loves him back but isn't sure. When it rains for long periods of time and it doesn't seem to get an end to it.

What is their best quality?: Being nice, non-judgemental, active, optimistic and energized.
What is their biggest flaw?: Having a hard time trusting others, too much reminiscing of the past and he tends to keep sad emotions/tears to himself. Also not always thinking everything through.

Spiritual Characteristics
Do they consider themselves religious? No, he is in fact not religious at all. He believes only in himself, in the body and mind that he currently has and the spirits and energies that exist in this world. Apart from that, the world just turns and days go by, the events inside it are entirely at random and decided by either luck or as a consequence, there are no further gods or a religion, according to Teren.

Additional Notes on This Character: He's a cutie with a seriously messed up and unlucky past, but he deserves better now. So, give him a warm welcome and a chance! Who knows what you'll get back.
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG4Als6cySc

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Teren Santoro   Teren Santoro Icon_minitimedo nov 17 2016, 23:58

I wanted to update this... But it is better than whatever I could write right now.
So I'll just deem this as still accurate!! :3
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Teren Santoro

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