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 Matsumoto Leonardo 'Leo'

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"I just wanna be Jekyll, but I'm always fighting Hyde, Everyone I know, they've got a demon inside"
                             - Five finger death punch, Jekyll and Hyde

    General Characteristics

Name: Leonardo Matsumoto
Appearance: Leo is a young man with scruffy brown hair, typically dressed in loose clothes and sneakers. He also wears a pair of yellow goggles for fun, or because they remind him of his biological dad. The rest of the time, he wears them around his neck. His eyes are typically closed/squinted, because he still isn't quite used to his bionic set of eyes, when they are revealed, they turn out to be a neon-blue and alien/mechanical in appearance. His lower left-arm has been amputated and has been replaced by a mechanical/robotic arm. (which looks just like a normal arm, only slightly more stiff)
Other Names: Leo, kiddo, robot, mecha-kid, dumb-ass
Titles: Kid, boy, mister
Alternate Forms: He's capable of turning into a chocolate brown lion with mane black as ebony.
Theme Song: Monster - Big Bang
Vidro moyou - yanagi nagi

    Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: Fifth of may.
Birth Place: Nova
Hometown: Small lake-village.

Death Date: Unknown
Age at Death: Unknown
Death Place: Unknown
Resting Place: Unknown
Manner of Death: Unknown
Last Words: Unknown

Primary Objective: To live a peaceful school-life without being ostracised by the rest of the group.
Secondary Objectives: To be meaningful to society, to be needed, to become stronger, to become independent.

Desires: To become a man (lmfao)
Secrets: The place on Erd (woops) where he's been given his new 'assets' and the names of the people who did it. (because he's a walking experiment right now.)
Quirks: The fact that his eyes are almost near-closed or closed. He dots his i's with a smiley face or heart. He's not the brightest crayon in the box. He sucks at English (take a look at his profile for an example of this). Often thinks he's smarter than he really is. Drags his feet a little. Can't see 100% clearly with his mechanic eyes, and thus is partially blind. Often mispronounces things. Is often mistaken to be much younger. Gets a bit nervous around women, not girls but older women.

    Mental Characteristics

Known Languages: General Kovomakian, Japanese, English
Lures: Smells, noises, food and bright colored things, people
Savvies: Cooking, English (#not), Drawing, Calculating, Fighting, Surviving, Taking care of animals
Ineptities: English (#truth), Love , People who judge, why he is unable to make a lot of friends, why he's different, Reading (because of his poor visual acuity)
Hobbies: Drawing and painting, he likes to watch movies or clips, likes taking care of animals in the forest, he likes watching other poeple, watching nature, listening to the sound of rain,

    Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: This is probably one of his more developed area's. He's a great logical thinker, and that's what makes him a commendable enemy in combat.
Spatial: Well, let's just say that the images are better in his head than on his retina.
Linguistic: As described earlier he often mispronounces things and his proza in general isn't of great quality.
Musical: As he grew up mostly without having any vision, all his other senses are better developed than usual.
Interpersonal: Somehow people tend to ostracise him because of his mechanic parts or because he has magic from both opposing planets. He hasn't been able to make a lot of friends and is certainly lacking a bit in that department.

    Philosophical Characteristics

Morality:He just does whatever he thinks is best, even tough this might no always be best for himself. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices... He likes to think he's pretty honest and fair.
Perception: His glass is always half full, not empty. He is a pretty optimistic guy.

    Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: He believes in aliens? Does that count as a religion? But most importantly he believes in himself (Puke)
Superstitions: A black cat is bad luck and if you break a mirror, that's 1000 years of bad luck. Kissing a frog brings good luck. Finding a Four leaved clover brings luck.

    Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: Magic
Element: Dark and Light, and the element of surprise~
Strengths: Light, Dark
Weaknesses: Light, Dark and everything else is neutral.
Restrictions: He can use it whenever he wants to, but only uses it in combat or during lessons. He likes doing things the natural way, he's alien enough as it is.

    Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Books, certain smells, leadlight, animals, food, carpets, cooking, Freshly mowed grass, snow, his 'new' eyes and arm, bionic, aliens, UFO, monsters, combat, dark hallways, Ryohei, old photographs
Dislikes: Meat, Mail, birthdays, Pudding, cafeteria food, being left out, milk, being called stupid, people who overreact, lazy people


Equipment: His goggles and a dictionary, to look up words he doesn't know. (lol)
Wardrobe: half average, loose, big clothes and easy fitting shoes.

    Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: He's emotionally stable, meaning he can take a lot before he breaks. Something that certainly helps, is the fact that he doesn't know that people are making fun of him a lot of times. So, he's pretty oblivious.
Humor: He's not really good at cracking jokes, although other people tend to think his words are funny without him intending them to be that way.
Reputation: People tend to think that he's an alien or part alien. He doesn't even have a reputation. The people who do know who he is tend to not get involved with him.
Status: Quiet, yet optimistic.

    Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Parents, his biological mum and dad. They got a divorce when he was 8 and his mum remarried with his step-dad. That's when Ryohei came into the picture. He doesn't know what to think of Ryohei and hates it whenever he wants to 'check' him regarding his 'parts'.

Allies: None yet.
Enemies: The world? Himself?
Followers: None yet.
Friends: None yet.
Pets: None yet.
Rivals: None yet.

    Physical Characteristics

Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kg
Nationality/Species: Human / part robot
Skin/Fur Color: white/crème
Hair Color: Black/brown
Hair Length: Halfway his neck
Eye Color: His original eye color was brown, but his mechanical eyes are a neon kind of blue.
Scars: Some bigger ones around his upper/lower-arm from the insertion. And smaller ones in his neck, near his hairline.
Tattoos and Piercings: A bright red tribal tattoo across his back

    Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Male
Orientation: Unknown but hetero for now.
Significant Other: None yet.


Anima: Bright personality, laughs and smiles a lot. He's someone who's easily swayed to do something. Takes bets easily, and ends up losing most of the time. Is perhaps overly honest, often in detriment of himself. Likes being around other people, even though he doesn't know how to handle them. Likes fantasizing and thinking about other-worldly stuff. He is not the brightest crayon, and doesn't come across as one either. He often makes mistakes, or fails at doing something correctly. He himself doesn't seem to mind though, it's just who he is.


Personal: TBC

Social: TBC

Physical: TBC

Spiritual: TBC


words; <3 | notes;
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Matsumoto Leonardo 'Leo'

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