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 James Biggs

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James Biggs

Real Name : Fire
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Magic: Fire

BerichtOnderwerp: James Biggs   za mei 09 2015, 20:26

James Biggs 16 years old is a fire mage but lives on Cassia.

On a very young age James was faced with the death of his mother. Not knowing who his father was he tried to survive on his own. Being on a planet where he was faced with mages from a different element he could not help but feel alone.

Fighting his way to surive, life left him scarred. His dark sense of humor and sarcasm formed a protective barrier around him which helped him survive. When he finally was old enough to go to school, he hoped he would find friends there. As he heard that fire mages where more common there.

The excitement of a new surroudning was soon squashed as he didnt get along with the other fire mages.

He became very shy and was trying to become invisible. Just following the classes and boosting his own skills while staying alone. Although he wanted more, he could only watch and see others enjoy.
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James Biggs

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