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notes: etc etc etc <3
I'm gonna steal you like a pearl
I'm gonna display you like a diamond

NICKNAMES Min, Mini, Minty, peppermint, Mintje
SEX Female (f)
AGE 16 years
DATE OF BIRTH 07/02/98
LANGUAGE German but is fluent in English and Dutch
SEXUAL ORIENTATION thinks she’s hetero but feels more for women
HEIGHT 1.59m
WEIGHT 51.5kg
HAIR COLOR Blonde hair which becomes a brighter yellow near the tips
EYE COLOR Bright blue sparkly eyes
HAIR STYLE short straight hairstyle, she usually wears a black headband, and her side ponytail is tied with a green ribbon.
POSTURE very petite figure, doesn’t have a lot of curves, always looks a little flushed and fragile
PIERCINGS yes, she’s got her ears pierced
CLOTHING STYLE she has a very unusual style, she likes short slim stuff and at the same time stuff that is oversized and comfy, whatever she wears she always carries an umbrella with her. she loves flowers and ribbons and often decorates parts of her body with them

MAGIC Earth with huge amounts of fire
MAGIC USAGE she’s more of a fire user than an earth user. She tends to use her fire magic to try and solve almost anything.  when she’s using magic, she always performs her tricks and spells with the usage of her umbrella. it’s kind of her magic wand so to speak, and often thinks she can’t do magic without her umbrella. whether this is true or not remains to be seen, as she has never been separated from her umbrella.
ITEM her famed umbrella
TRANSFORMS INTO a black and white puffin, with bright orangey/yellow beak
PET the monster thingy hanging upside down from her umbrella is her ‘pet’ kinda, she calls him Normin

CHARACTER at first sight a very approachable small fragile girl. once you get to know her a little better you’ll know that this is not the case entirely. she’s very good at faking a beautiful cute smile that can sweep many frail hearts of their feet. as long as she’s amused there’s nothing wrong, as soon as she gets bored; things change. she gets bored fairly easy and likes to use her extensive uses of words to bring out the worst in people. she likes teasing them, even hurting them. she’s not very polite and always thinks more highly of herself then of others. she gets jealous really easy, girls who are prettier than her, bigger in size (in every possible way) or more talented at magic are usually the cause. deep down she’s pretty insecure of herself and keeps hoping that someone will come along who can see through her attitude and will stick by her. she’s so used to people calling her a bitch or a spoiled kid that she’s started acting more and more like one. sometimes she just can’t control her vocabulary and hurts people without intending to. besides all that, she has some major trust issues; she believes everybody secretly hates her and wants to hurt her. thus, she thinks of herself as someone who can’t have any friends let alone be loved.

HOBBY'S practicing her magic, reading some books, sewing, designing, writing poems, playing with her imaginary friends, bitch talking

LOVES nature, flowers, clothes, designing, Normin, her umbrella, kittens, drawing, birds, attention, fire, light, rain

HATES being avoided, most people, sun, snow, wind, dark, lightning, girls who are more pretty and more talented as her, dogs, swimming, sports, people who judge others

FEARS to never make any real friends, to never be able to trust other people, to believe herself that she’s ugly from the out- and inside, losing her umbrella, losing her powers.

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Mint Edona Mattél

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